Alex White

I've been working on some fantasy ever since 2009 started. I decided to forget everything i have ever read about fantasy and started making races and places of my own! this story doesn't include any of the things you have read before. it is totally from scratch. i'll try to post everyday on my blog, and then upload it here every once in a while. check it at Alex

The Frown of Night Ch 1

B. Landon Hurley

The first chapter of an ongoing novel about a man's adventures in the afterlife. There are some references to various religions that are not intended to pinpoint or insult said religions in any way. Enjoy -- though it's pretty dark!

Wisdom of the Sage

Paula Lenon

 Wise words this one speaks. He knows exactly what you seek. Will you listen to all he has to say? Will you stop and with wisdom stay?

Song of the Sages

Paula Lenon

 There is a song that brings life, even to the darkest places, where mortal cannot reach. It dispels the black and raises up from the ashes those caught in the trap. It gives breath even to those who do not deserve it. But it cannot and will not force its life onto those who won't receive it. ...Will you accept it?

Larzen Chapter 1-2

Van Ryan

Chapter One and Two in a story about Dazen, a prince, and Minx, his lover. Dazen embarks on a trip with the army as a lieutenant.

The star shiner.txt

Carlos Ciangherotti

Children short to have twinkle dreams

The Wind and Rain Lullaby (Part I)

Morgan Grover

 UPDATED: 04/11/10I had this story on my shelf once before, so you may remember it if you visit my page often.This story has been flittering around in my head for a bit now. I read an anthology called "The Green Man" a while back (which I HIGHLY recommend) and after finishing it I had a desire to offer my own thoughts / fiction on the topic. And this is that story, or the first of three parts to the story. This is the second update. Those of you who may have read it before will notice the gammar & errors have been fixed up, and I have added a bit. I also decided to take a saga dialog route, which I think will be more interesting within the story. This means that there are no quotes around speech.I have since realized, upon finishing this work, that if I do not sit down and focus on one piece and just write it, it will probably never get done, or taper off in quality. You may notice that with this 3-part story. After writing this part, I went back and edited it, then wrote some of the second, did some editing, fixed the first, more tweaking.... By the time I reached the third part I was tired of it.So, in the end, I decided to post all three parts. I may return to it sometime, but the real goal was a writing exercise for ideas and style, so enjoy what you will. As always, I love to hear your thoughts. I will likely return to this piece after a break, a long break.

The Winds of Kirramura Chapter 7

Wai Zarendhara

 This novel traces a futuristic universe in which man has colonised the planets, and brought with him the politics of greed typical of colonialism with the obvious conclusion.  

The Satyr Queen: VII

Mike Prescott

I love Hish. I think its his name. And how he tries to be a good friend even when he's a little gruff. Good man. Hope he's not dead! Rifka too...

Death of a Tree

Eloise Bowdler

Trees have feelings too

No World For Tomorrow

Christopher Wilson

This was inspired partly by the movie "Gamer", partly by my frustration one night at msn's inefficiency to convey sarcasm. This is a future world where everything is according to logic and reason and numbers, a tainted shadow of 'real' life. I made fun of quite a lot, and had so much fun writing it ! ! !Enjoy :)

The Enchanted Forest

Sarah Bradford

This is just a short story I wrote and thought I would upload it. I wrote it for English and my teacher really liked it so I thought I would put it on here and see what other people think.

Thaumaturgist - Chapter 1

Ben Aldred

Hey there, this is the 1st chapter (oviously) to my first real attempt at writing. Please, I implore you to comment, I really would like feedback on this.Quick summary: WetlandsA group of slaves working in the wetlands are attacked my protective creatures. Slave master is saved by an unexpected savior.

Visionary Voyager Van (Part 1)

Dana Miner

fantasy story prose-poetry

Gazebo Gypsy Caravan (Part 3)

Dana Miner

fantasy story prose-poetry

Pretty Quiet Around Here

Lance Greenlee

Something peculiar was going on around the mountain farm he was trying to buy. 

Holidaze On Kuhlfyre Island (Part 2)

Dana Miner

fantasy story humorous-prose-poetry

Cosmos Concert (Part 1)

Dana Miner

fantasy story humorous prose-poetry

Fantastical Forest (Part 4)

Dana Miner

fantasy story prose-poetry

Ocean Floor Disco (Part 1)

Dana Miner

fantasy-humor-story prose-poetry