The Nymph

Chadd Las Casas

A haiku about the mythical and beautiful Nymph.


Corianne Wilson

This is the end result of several story beginnings I tried to write about parasitic beings that feed on human souls. Of nessecity, they would look human and be attractive to us, 'people' we would willingly let enter our lives. This explores one possible aspect of such a relationship.

Caindale Chronicles Part Two: Gabriel

Vicki Leady

OK, here's the deal: this particular story was watered down to comply with Elfwood's rules. Maggie's story had a bit of word-swapping but this one has a chunk of content removed as well as a great deal of word-swapping. I like my original better since, I believe, it does a better job of getting across character personality and reasons for their actions. The original could easily be classified as 'Rated R' and, provided you're old enough and/or have the proper permission, you can find it on my Fictionpress website: as chapter two of the Caindale Chronicles. That said... Gabriel Caindale tries to rid Las Vegas of a pack of wargs for his brother but it doesn't go over as well as he'd hoped.