Lullabye ~poem~

Erica Martin

A poem of what goes through a dying warriors last thoughts. Don't be harsh on me, it's my first poem online.

The Embrace

Cullen Groves

Two lovers wish they could be together forever. But, everyone knows, be careful what you wish for . . . This is an odd story. I got the idea when hugging someone. I don't believe it's a new idea, by any means, but I figured I could write it interestingly, and I did (I hope).

I Was The Last Unicorn

Sierra Sharee

This story is about a whole civilization of unicorns risking their lives to save one and how with a little courage you can do anything...


Owen Henry

Something inspired by listening to Jared Hudson's 'Metal Gear May Cry'. For those who haven't heard it, it's a classical piece, very dark, very dismal in the beggining, but eventually rising to a glorious and uplifting finish. Imagine me listening to that over and over as I write this, and you can almost get an idea of where it's coming from. I was also listening to 'Final Summoning' by the same man...Another very good piece of music, which I tried to draw on for a feeling of desperation, finding the hidden strength to survive. Enjoy it...I certainly enjoyed writing it. Sidenote: Anyone think it would be worth my while or someone else's to flesh out Thomas a bit, maybe carry his story a bit farther? I think it's an interesting concept...I'm just not sure where it would take me. Also...Any artists, I would LOVE to have illustrations for this...Maybe you do an illustration and I can write some kind of story take-off on a piece of art you've done? Consider it! Update 5/15: Wow! Mod's choice! I'm glad I gotitfor this story, especially considering how much I like it myself.

Poem: Last Hero

Jenny Watson

Got the idea of it while listening to the 'Resident Evil' soundtrack. LoL. Not my finest, though not my worst.


Lena LeRay

Last of the dynasty

Alice Raven

Itsa poem! Again! With poetry I feel as though its something other than my mind guiding my hands, because it feels so dream-like and such. I like this one. Reminds me of my *sob* dead grandfather. Aaah, not going into family stuff!

The Last Flight

Tony Sims

An ancient dragon awakens from a deep slumber to the realisation that he is coming to the end of his life.

Song of the Star Wanderer

Bri Smart

This is a poem that discribes a character from one of my stories called Lathadreela ( pronounced La thad ree ell uh) She is a creature called a star wanderer, and the last of her race. I will eventualy have a picture of her here.

Last Hero: the Short Story

Yuri Mat

This is actually a sequel to a longer work, which I am currently in the process of writing. This has a double purpose: I find writing fiction is the best way to develop an RPG world.

Savin: Last Child of Ancients_04

Lenore Towne

A girl tormented by strange dreams of fantastic lands finds herself drawn into an epic struggle beyond her imagination.

The Last Dragon: Chapter 1

Beth Master' Lewis

This is the first chapter of a(hopefully) shortER story than my others, written for my arch-enemy, Megan L. 'The Angler' Proverbs, who was both my 50th main page commenter, and 100th site commenter. I'm not giving any hints about the story, but I'm pretty sure it's too rushed.... bah, how would I know? I wouldn't mind some opinions on that. Please.**Note**: A 'shuriken' is a throwing star... just for explanatory purposes. ^_~ Hope you enjoy!

Where Unicorns Go

Callie Richardson

This is a story for my Future Lit class, loosely inspired by the last unicorn by peter s beagle

The Last One

Emma-Jane Smith

It's a little weird this story and it seems i'm always writing about the possible ends to different worlds... *sigh* but what can you do? Enjoy but it's not my best work.

Wounded Warrior

Karen Sanders

The last battle of a war.

The Last of Kind (Ext.)

Robin Morero

Short fantasy-style poem.

Summer Snow

C. Seidel

This was written because I was listening to too much of the 'Last Unicorn' soundtrack. Disturbing dreams and strange things in the woods ensue. ...and yes, I know this is a lame blurb, but it's the best I can do right now.

Moon Dancer

Jenvyr Hope

This is the poem that tells the tale of my RP character, Moon Dancer.

Last Ride

Bethany Ward

She turned back to the dragon, whose eyes matched both her own and her grandson's, and with a final effort dragged herself up onto the dragon's back. She threw back her head, breathing in the sweet air.


Kat Napthine

This pegasus is the last of her species.