The Power Within (Ch.1)

K. Birchfield

Six totally different people get thrown together in this epic tale of love, laughs, and well, fights. As the story progresses they learn that being the best isn't the only thing that matters . . . * * * The first chapter, is rather explainitory, but hey? How good could the story if you have no idea what the hell is going on, right? Lol. *^_^*

Melinda Miller's Laugh

Samantha Holloway

a little piece that came out whole, belive it or not-- we all know how rare that is!

Vincent Price on: THE FUTURE

Christopher Bennett

A Pathetic, gut-poking, Spoof skit.

The Story Without A Title

Jackie Blanchette

this is a story about a poor misguided dragon. i got this idea from Gabbi, a fellow elfwood writer. i read a story that she created a while ago that was humorous. she told me i should try to write funny story and it would be easy. so i gave it a shot. it was easy . I hope the people out there like it. Thanx Gabs for the great start

All for a Laugh

Maddy Walker

This is a really lame story I am working on. The characters are so stupid. Jeesh, so sorry for this boring story. But whatever. Please leave comments, and I'm sorry that this is so lame XD

Blissed Embrace

Morgan Black

These is a scene in the story I am working on.

The Life and Times Of Mr J. B Greenfield, Travelling Salesman

Dewald Malan

The tale of Mr J. B Greenfield. Set in Medeival Times, Mr Greenfield strugles in his trade which is a bazaar line of busness to be in when one thinks about it.

Silence ~poem~

Erica Martin

This is probably my favorite poem of my new ones I have posted. It has this nice end-of-the-world feel to it. I wrote it for a good friend after his Mom died, just so he would know that he can take a few minutes, and mourn about it.

Tyak the King

Jason Romein

Well, you asked for a sequel, and I delivered one whopper of a third part to this, I hope. It is nearly triple the length of either of the originals, and is a little more mature in its style. I hope you enjoy it!

The Poems Of Which No Sense Can Be Made

Rosie a.k.a female fred

Umm.. yeah. This is a collection of poems from a very very very very very long time ago. Some of them I wrote when I was 12. Most of them aren't very good. Because the titles and poems got all messed up the titles are: Lion Song, Magical Things Are Afoot, A warning to all those that go on my site, The carrot song, how to dance with an african buffalo and the problem with poetry. This probably shouldn't be up here and I'm not sure why it hasn't been taken down..

A Christmas Tale

Christopher Bennett

This is an older work that I wrote up before Christmas of 2000. It's fairly comical...but be sure to have some witty sence of humor to understand most of it.

Laugh a Garden of Thorns

Amy Williams

What is the true definition of conscience? How far can delusion take you? Black roses which know the flavor of fear.... Written 2001-2002.

Misadventures One: Adventures

Pamela Lehmann

A light, humourous tale of an exiled dark elf, who meets with a happy-go-lucky halfling. The two mismatched companions travel together, despite the halfling's tendancy to try to get them both killed.

The Power Within (2)

K. Birchfield

The second chapter. Yeah, um, well, they set out, and the story picks up. Ya know, it's kind of hard to describe with out giving away the plot twists *unforunatly something I'm terrible at doing*

Souls are Crying

Melissa Rust

I am such an amature writer it's not even funny. so this is another pathetic attempt to writing.

Charles the Jester

michael Thurston

charels the jester and his life

Ahead to the Future (Skit)

David S. Percival

This is a skit I wrote for Just Messing Around (an annual thing the students at my school put on... a funny theatrical thing that I just started doing this year)... It's really weird, even for me. And I mean REALLY weird. I wrote it in my Physics 11 class, and was giggling away while my hand cramped (I hate writing with pen, I really do). It's pretty strange stuff. But I'll let you see that for yourself (let no one else say that I don't do funny stuff on this site!)

The Forbidden Children: Chapter 19

Samantha Fortier

This chapter may be a bit short, but it shows the Melody has come out of her shell a bit. A funny moment between her and Amolas