A Price for Life, A Price for Death

Daniel Kinicki

Humans and Fiends, a strange encounter

The End of the Beginning

Andrew McLeish

Paladins fascinate me, they always have. I have a couple of stories (not uploaded, and one about the start of this paladin's career) about them but this is a brand new one. I'm not too happy with it as it stands, and it seems to be wanting to become a much longer story than it is.

Prologue Part 1 of 'Tide of Chaos' War of the Kin Volume 1

Graham Butler

This is the first part of the Prologue in my series, or kind of a part in the series. It just gives some background into what my little imaginative realm is like =D. Spelling checks are always welcome -_-'

Strange Law Offices

H. Coyne

The undead need lawyers too. A law student enters the world of professional bloodsuckers and vampires, and realizes there are some things they don't cover in casebooks. The first, brief chapter in her experiences.

Hatt's Law

A what if what we're doing right now, we've done in the past.

On the Bus

Jeff Karlson

I am aware it's probably judically inaccurate, but I like it anyway.

'What a wonderful world...' Chapter 1.

Rolf Karlsson

This story is set place waaaay into the future. This is the first chapter, and is more or less just about introducing the world. The title? Well, bad imagination!! =)

Shadow of the Dark Phoenix - Chapter 06

Brenda Dale

Here we see the 'binding' of the dark phoenix. There is a lot of innuendo used here that is clarified in later chapters. I'm working on the next two as quickly as I can.

An Indifferent God Ch 1

B. Landon Hurley

Take a look at a science fiction story I'm working on about a race of people able to change their appearance at will...comments welcome!

The Foul Fate of Finn the Fae

sarah-amy haley

A daft poem :) Fun to write though!

New age

Frank 'coyote' Garcia

a story of an age of man that changed and may be about to change again.

The Hairy Hand

Amy Schley

Continuing with my law theme, this is a retelling of one of the most famous law cases in contract law: Hawkins v. McGee aka 'The Hairy Hand case.' With a name like that, shouldn't werewolves be involved somehow? The quotes about whether or not a contract was formed are actually from the real case. (Which under copyright law are in the public domain.)

Working Title - Chapter 1

Jessica Wiles

The Truth Bares A High Price...The Lie Is Easier To Live With...

Republica Eternal

Pete Anderson

A child is born into the perfect republic in the distant future. Everything is ordered according to justice and temperance. Philosophers rule as kings. What happens when this child is either elevated to the class of the guardians, or held back, as a craftsman? This story begins on Mordechai's last testing day. Either he will be elevated or remain in his station. Both paths are followed.

Shadow of the Dark Phoenix - Chapter 04

Brenda Dale

The bearer of the fire has come. She meets the group and finds out who she is going to be. Her destiny has spoken. There is a fire beneath the surface.

Dragons in the soul

Jessa Loder

Dunno where this came from... its been a LOOOOONG vacation, folks. This disturbed even ME when I read it... it that a theme now Cat? *sigh*

Questions Of A Young Apprentice


An apprentice to a druid asks why he must learn all the different skills of druidry. Magic etc...