An Irrelevant Tale, Currently Unfinished

Bryony Stubbs

I quite like the concept, but I doubt I'll ever finish it. It's vaguely about magic being a natural resource and running out... I think it's set on another planet, but I know not.

A little girl knows, do you?

Jenny Allgood

Young children know more about things then adults could ever hope to.

'A Random Story That Made....No Sense!'

Jessica Ballew

This is boredom in its purest form. It is what happens to someone who has no life. Its the result of the desire to write and no forethought on what to write about. And I actually LIKE it.

Dragon Life Ch.1-Wyrmling

Mackenzie Kathleen

In this story, once all the chapters are complete, I will tell of one dragon's entire life, detailed from birth to death. This first one starts as an egg, and how the dragon hatchling learns the wyrmling ways, and therefore truly becomes one.

First - Chapter 3

Laura Soret

First is learning fast. After all, that´s all he can do... But that´s going to bring some consequences. Whether they´re good or bad, who´s responsible? It looks like it won´t take many more chapters to finish the story, but since it´s just a rough draft, you could consider it a primitive, short, undeveloped version of a longer to come... someday... I want to thank you all for giving your opinions, you have no idea how helpful this is^^. I LOVE YOU AAAALL! *blows kisses for everyone*

Heart of a Lady - Chapter Two

Abigail Fay

Congradulations! You survived the first chapter! And feel possessed to continue, for whatever reason...This is the very long chapter two, in which the infant Adrienne goes to live with her father and the Elves... Oh, and of course, as usual, I'd really appreciate COMMENTS!!! Good or bad, anything!

Heart of a Lady - Chapter Three

Abigail Fay

Wow, you stuck it out through the first two chapters, and now one to the third and last - for now. This is as far as I've gotten in my book right now, but once I finish chapter four (assuming I EVER do) then I'll post it up here right away! This one follows Adrienne's early life with humans, living with a new family, and, well I won't give it away. :) Commentscommentscommentscomments...Sorry, I'm a bit hyper right now!

The Night 7 (United Hearts but Broken Some)

Brandon Lee

Can all men ever learn to forgive?

Telling tales

Neomi Geva

I wrote this story of a web competition in small but utterly magnificent web paper called 'Digital Catapult' (unfortunately its shut down now). The challenge of the competition was to write a story beginning with the cliche' 'It was a dark and story night'. I won first place and even got an award.

BCL4 A New Lesson To Be Learned

Christopher Stokes

this is the forth part of the tale i am trying to write and the return to the first group in the original bcl posted herein. I have started to bring them together as all will see in the next part i intend to post.

02_Lost Warrior

The second chapter to Lost Warrior.

First - Chapter 2

Laura Soret

First is practically born now! He´s confused and amazed and willing to learn. Wahoo! *dances* Go First, go First!

Extraho animus Aerie (dragon soul aerie)

Heather Nicholson

Alexandria is a girl who doesn't fit in with her family and is sent to school because it doesn't look like anyone will marry her, because she isn't as pretty as her many step-sisters. There she becomes wise and steps out from beneath her sisters' shadows. On this journey she also saves her world and makes friends and enimies.