Umbra - Chapter 3 (approx. 10 pages)

Ute Fuerst

A new student to magic Umbra will find some surprises here, good and bad. Second personal revision. Suggestions, ideas, spottet mistakes always welcome. ;) (revised 07/2004)

In A Dream State, Part 5

Elizabeth Avent

Is Kindle good or bad? Does Peggy and Devan find Kindle? What happens to Silver? Is the demon the end of her? Read and you'll find out!

Empathy Part 5

Alia Jory

Rial and Kynthia hop over the cliffhanger, cover some distance, and (finally) actually access those textbooks they risked their lives for. This is all I have right now, and as my sis has been bugging me to re-finish my main story, it'll probably stay this way for a while. Unless I get overwhelming numbers of comments...?

The Vallen Chronicles: Pathway to Oblivion

Erin Ford

Another Vallen story...

Sonata; Part II; Chapter 4

Karen Zanko

Some parts of this chapter might not make a whole lot of sense, but bear with me, they're all tied in their own little sub-plots....

The Death of Acan - 4

Matthew Donovan

Returning to the city. The traveller learns about his world.

Umbra - Chapter 2 (approx. 12 pages)

Ute Fuerst

This is the second chapter, where Umbra comes to Athalis in search of the mages who might be able to help her. It's been through my personal third revision, and I think from here on I may need outside input, so criticize away! I am considering to elaborate the last few paragraphs with the party and some samples of conversation to give some more depth and introduction to the characters. (revised 07/2004)

A beginning

Gustavo Casañ Nuñez

It could be the beginning of a long fantasy story because a boy learns about magic and other things...

First - Chapter 3

Laura Soret

First is learning fast. After all, that´s all he can do... But that´s going to bring some consequences. Whether they´re good or bad, who´s responsible? It looks like it won´t take many more chapters to finish the story, but since it´s just a rough draft, you could consider it a primitive, short, undeveloped version of a longer to come... someday... I want to thank you all for giving your opinions, you have no idea how helpful this is^^. I LOVE YOU AAAALL! *blows kisses for everyone*

That Kitsune Feeling: Part Four-Fights and Feelings

Lindsey Andrews

After meeting the new stranger Tahn and challenging him, Kal'enal now steels herself to fight him. Both are confident of victory but who will triumph?

Lessons of Love and Revenge

Melissa Confer

After her mate is injured by dragon hunters, Waylera goes seeking revenge and learns something that will change her forever.

That Kitsune Feeling: Part Three-Town Events

Lindsey Andrews

Kal'enal decides it's time to venture into town. But is that such a good idea? She finds herself laden with more than shopping bags!

That Kitsune Feeling: Part Five-Judai Returns

Lindsey Andrews

A trip to the woods for Kal'enal and Tahn doesn't turn out quite the way they planned. And startling revelations are made.

The Book Of Erudation

Amy Messina

A story I wrote a while ago but thought it was cute so I would like to share it with you. Its roughly like: Boy finds book. Boy finds out he is son of great wizard. Boy seeks to find self. Have fun!

The Cool Angel

Cristina Angeles Ubay

What if angels also have to go through school? Here is a story about an eager cherub who so wanted to be a guardian angel.


E. Greene

This is written about one of my characters at Telenia, my RPG, and mentions several other characters there (all mine). However, I think it can be read without knowing anything about Telenia; the important bits are explained in the text. The only real value in being a Telenian when you read this is if you want to play 'guess-the-character', since I don't mention names.

Mmm... Still thinking of one....

Siobhan Williams

Our little heroine has finally chosen a name for herself, but does it really fit her?

Learning Truth - 1

Catharine Markwood

Nara changes her mind about Erdric after an encounter with him on his own terms. One of the background stories to Life of a Phoenix.


B. Landon Hurley

A brief science-fiction vignette about an order of ambassadors in exile. Note: I chose their name as 'Sutra' because it means 'learning' in Hindi.

Extraho animus Aerie (dragon soul aerie)

Heather Nicholson

Alexandria is a girl who doesn't fit in with her family and is sent to school because it doesn't look like anyone will marry her, because she isn't as pretty as her many step-sisters. There she becomes wise and steps out from beneath her sisters' shadows. On this journey she also saves her world and makes friends and enimies.