Leave Us Death - Poem

Brandon Halcomb

You tell me..........

Plot of Conception - Ch 2

Debra Turpin

This is just a small chapter. Don'la continues to prepare to leave Gausa. Just a touch bit more depth to her character here.

The Last

Rebecca Mosher

This is a continuation on Forgotten. Here the protagionist makes the choice to leave her world. This is my first attempt at writing a 'longer' story At some points in the story Rhya says spells, usually short two word blurbs. These aren't translated in the story because a literal translation would be very long and awkward. Myrh Ghen basically means 'Become as I will you to' in this case a necklace. Mtkorakhey Shaner means 'Past be forgotten, Dead land be hidden. Slumber in silence, let none gaze on this land.'

'Go Away'

Anna Feldberg

This kind of remindes me of 'The Raven' by Poe, but I like it anyway.

Weep Not

Julie Becker

I've tinkered with this poem so much its rather pitifull...and I'm STILL not pleased with it..but...at the insistance of a friend of mine here it is..

Just promise me . . .

Briana Morris

I wrote this poem on the 21st of September while sitting in a crowd filled room. Songs were playing overhead ...

A woman's worth

Neomi Geva

First chapter in what might or might not evelove into a longer story.

Rivers crossing

Cecilie deLanfre

About Marin, a young girl that has lived on a boat her whole life, but seekes to find out more of the world on land.

The Stranger - Prologue to The Silver Knight

Adam Prentis

Well, I'm not actually sure whether this is or isn't going to be the prologue for that famous book that I haven't even started yet, but it was meant as such anyway, so it's not far from the truth at least.

Flawless Reflection

C. Chard

Um, this is just some completely random excerpt/short story that will mostlikely never be finished. I was really depressed when I wrote this...thus the lack of joy in the story. It's an itty bitty part of what I'm hoping will become a multi-chapter story of a girl who gets trapped in a parralel universe...yeah. Don't worry, it's not actually that lame. Oh well, I still like it.

The water's edge

Neomi Geva

Another poem - this one isn't mine, it's Droof's *smile*, one of the few he wrote. My gypsy's not much of a poet but he wrote this one on the day he left the gypsy band to join a group of adventurers. The story is called 'The Valley of Truth' and it's also posted here.


nicole shaw

A bastard prince in a stressful dilemma.

Imperfection p02

Lauren Blewett

Part 2 The story of an Elfish girl, bannished from her home because of her 'un-elfish-ness'. Once in the Human World, she meets others, like herself, and realizes what perfection is. But now she had a purpose in her life. To go back, and prove that perfection is not acheived by you mind, but your heart.

Dragon in Distress

Matthew Frantz

I wanted to write an amusing poem just for elfwood. I thought I'd look at the dragon's perspective.


Ruth Petroff

not sure where this one came from...just sorta appeared. don't know what it means or what sick freudian subconscious thing i was trying to work out...but here it is, in whatever glory it may have...

Taking Wing (poem)

Kate Jennings

A friend of mine was working on a series of stories about the fair folk who periodically enter and depart from our world - so I contributed this poem.

'Idhra' chapter 3

j. lawrence

'Idhra' chapter 4

j. lawrence

The Song of the Heart: Chapter 1

Hannah G.

The once perfect paradise of Atronire, is no longer the peaceful home of the unicorns. The dragons have taken over, destroying the land, and the unicorns. The herd seperates as they travel to new lands, and three unicorns must find HeartSong, the spirit unicorn, the only hope they have left. She can lead them to safety, show them the lands of Harona, where another race of unicorn live. But they will find that this adventure will test not just their bravery, but their friendship.

Yanaraia's Leaving Chapter 2

Mark Gooijer

Yanaraia says goodbye to her beloved and explains the reason why in a story.