Through the Woods

Carrie Miller

This poem was inspired by a course I took in fairy tales and folklore. I was particularly intrigued by the idea present in our cultural mythology that states that forests/woods are bad places. Hence this poem.

Never Be Seen

Amanda Johnson

A shorty little poem abut a fluttery unseen peoples

Off to Battle

Ricky Barnett Jr.

A poem about a kid who's father has to leave

Late Summer Leaves

Pete Anderson

This is a short story that I wrote a few weeks back, just sitting alone in my basement apartment. It took me about two or three weeks to realize the double meaning of the title, even though I picked the title my self. I see this as a poet's prose story, and this is the only type of prose I can write with any personal satisfaction.


Chyaz Samuel

I have never done so much thinking, planning, editing, re-editing and re-writing. This is my favourite piece so far, and it is dedicated to the one and onlyMuffin Girl, because she is the most fantastic editor. Thank you Alice for taking all the time to do this for me! Enjoy the finished thing, this is for you!

What's Your Lucky Number? Six? You Lose! (2)

Cly Novak

This is the second chapter. It's cool!

Fairy of the Falling Leaves

Nielda Ramos

Poem of one of the spirits that inspire autumn.

Dryad and the mighty talk

R.E. Kankaanpää

Just some strange thingie I wrote very recently, out of no idea. Improvisation, that's my thing. I'd say, 'Enjoy!', but it's just not worth it.

A Song For Nature (poem)

Regina Rotshtein

This isn't exactly a great work of poetry, but it's the only poem of mine that counts as fantasy.

Night Meeting (poem)

Chasyn Naskra

Last year (actually a lot longer ago now... four years ago, I think!) I had a poetry unit with my English teacher, and this was a result! It is about the meeting between a man (I suppose that he would be a warrior) and a maiden. I'm not sure if I'm all that satisfied though.

Blossoms of Fire *

Stephanie Rennolds

This was the original 50th comment prize for Cecily Webster. The story has been edited and tweaked. Hope you all like it!

Autumn Nymph

Vanessa Merritt

Words that are unfamiliar in this are likely to be made up. I like doing that with poems. This is about a dryad in autumn.

The Gifted

Michelle Cipollone

This story is my second attempt at storywriting. It's about a girl who leaves her village in the dead of night and finds out something about her past that could change her life.

The Fall

Cathryn Faerwald

Humans receed further and further into technology. we are becoming more isolated from each other, and from the natural world. As all our information becomes digital... or memories become more ephemeral (as a member of the MTV generation, I can vouch for this.) What if in this loss of data... someday we forget even simple facts about the world we live in, like say Seasons...

Autumn Lament

Brittany Dulay

An old poem that goes along with an idea I have for a novel. Its theme is centered around winter, oddly enough, and is about love's vitality to withstand even the harshest events.

Autumn Leaves

Tina Olsson

A rather macabre poem I wrote on a warm summer's evening, strangely enough. I felt like writing something beautiful, and all that came out was blood and darkness. But that's not unusual... (June 2008)

Seeing Destiny

Crystal´-una´ Rodriguez

a short about Nathyn's dad, Tresban, and his dilemma for having to live the life that's his.

Afternoon in the forest

antonio villela

 I hope its good, It was a quick one . Its also my first :)

Repeating Myself *

Stephanie Rennolds

This was written with the permission of Saara-Elina Ropanen, inspired by her photomanipulation, Good/Evil. It has been edited (by myself and my good friend from school, Richard).

Kisetsu and the Four Seasons Robe

Christina Stoppa

As part of my mythology class I had to write an original etiological myth. Well, here it is! Before you begin reading you should note that it's very important dress in seasonal motifs when wearing kimono. This story was inspired by that tradition. The illustration posted with this story is under copyright! It is the property of Christina Stoppa and may not be used without permission!