A Secret Parting

Vincent Roland

A man has been living with his wife for many years but feels restraint and so decides to leave for an adventure to slay a dragon. However would you really leave what you've started in life?


Emily Kirsch

A poem I wrote for James Bowers' Death Knocks project. Took a bit of tweaking to get it how I want it... but I'm more or less proud with the finished product.


Elena Oorebeek

A poem about the migration of the Elves, in Sestina form.


Joshua Pizzey

Joshua Amaron wants to find out who he is, there's one problem though. He doesn't want to leave the one he loves.

Beyond Dreaming - 08 Teaching Sorcery

Meike Nooy

Thoughts are to be kept to oneself. Leila as well as Illya have to learn that and more; though they both had expected teachings in sorcery would be different somehow... Rancha and Leila's relationship seems to become more awkward that ni already was and Shasti has made a serious decision.

Canis Astra (2.5)

Joanne Hanrahan

Part 2.5: Interlude. This is just a bridge between parts 2 and 3.

Tasks Untold

'Amy Tocreten'

Okay, I'm a VERY slow writer so please be slightly patient... This story is all about a thief, a snobby mage, and... Wait a min! Can't give it all away, you'll just have to read it ^_^ (All comments appreciated)

Elemental Alliance-Chapter 1

Elisabeth Jones

Ok, here's chapter 1. The story starts in ernest here and other than that I can't eally say anything else but, ENJOY!

Last Ride

Bethany Ward

She turned back to the dragon, whose eyes matched both her own and her grandson's, and with a final effort dragged herself up onto the dragon's back. She threw back her head, breathing in the sweet air.

Poem - Leaving Tommorw

Tyranus Malkave

Its A poem about a centaur leaving his beloved mermaid lover, telling her not to forget him.

Chapter Two: The Whispering Roses

Abbey Fitting

I hate this chapter, i hate everything about it, but untill i finish the rest of the book/story i cant do anything about it at all. I would leave it off except you guys need to at least know what happens that the cracks. There is a lot more here then meets the eye (i hope you noticed :-)) I promis better chapters to come!

An Elf's Journey

Alana Poirier

Some might say this is a songfic, based on Enya's 'May it Be,' but in reality it's just a combination of my dreamy/boredness, my obsession with elves and LOTR, and the song that was stuck in my head. Did I mention that I wrote this in Physics class in the back of my notebook?? Haha...just be warned, if you are looking for something meaningful there isn't much here...it's pretty much just pointless flowery words and pretty imagry...so if you want to picture lovely elves and angst and snow in your head, this is the 'story' for you.

Promise Me

Charles Trowbridge

Before you ask, poly is a slang from cp2020. it's a type of gun made out of plastic, as in polymear. I dont like using slang from games, however, it's the only word that fits that story element into the rythem. Not to sound too centimental, but this story means alot to me. That should be incentive to really critisise it, because I will definitly lisson to it.

My Curse, My Blessing. Chapter 3.

Hope Peters

Chapter 3. Read On.

Into the Mist_Part one

Ashlee Williams

A story of an elven girl, trying to find her place in the world. The story follows her adventure to find that place.


Andy Millington

A bit of poetry I wrote on a quiet night..

Lust of the Jewels Chapter One

Karl Oswald

The first chapter of my book.


Jaimelynn L.

This is a poem I wrote in high school. I was trying to sleep one night but this kept running through my mind and won't let me sleep until I wrote it do.

Elven Folklore Part 8

J Taylor

Having to leave his family earlier than expected, Alín must leave his son in the care of another family. How will the child cope with the absence of his only family member? And what challenges await the father, who now leads the large group away?

Hunters: Part 7

Josie Barrett

Part 7