The Beginning of a Legend Chapter One

Deborah Postma

A legend among the elves is retold...(This chapter is not quite finished, but will be soon)

Journal of Queen Laural

Emilie Finn

This fragment was found by King Hawkins of Lauralia, whose passion for finding and preserving history became widely known, both during and after his reign. He created the position of Royal Chronicler, which he awarded first to his scribe, Young Lord Elron of the Eastern Woods, only two years after his coronation as king.

The Creation of Ayamar, Part I

Catrine Sandal

This is one of the legends of my fantasy world, Charbakin. Or Ayamar, which is the name of the entire world. This is the real, 'true' story about how it happened, as it is handed down from master to apprentice among the dark wizards (who aren't necessarily evil). They are the only worshippers of Tai-Danar in his female form, Rayhin, and they alone seems to know the secrets of how it all happened. I didn't really intend to share this, it was just for myself, but I posted it on DeviantArt, and people seemed to like it. So, here it is for you too.

The Legend of Lazarus Part Four: Blood

Dustin Blanton

Through the past and into the so called modern world, Lazarus continues on with his Legend

The Lady and the Mirror Chapter 3

Mark Gooijer

The adventures of Zippo the Mythecantor and Synthe the Wanderer

Wolves Bane

John Shortall

A write up of some history of a book I have written, it tells of how an important character becomes what he his.

Star Kitty: The Legend of Felindoria

Avery Ashlyn' Thompson

In search of his sister, Star learns the Legend of Felindoria, the place where all cats originated, a story most special to black cats.


Vanessa Merritt

Based upon the Russian story of the Princess Anastasia, this is about a revolution in the royal elven court.


Andrew Burfield

This piece was really just for me to explore Samulia, one of the countries in Terra Patria. I wanted to see what their lives, culture, customs, etc... were like.


Mike Imsenik

A work in progress. This was actually the first story I started writing, and it's been in hiatus ever since. Translations (Japanese = English): Bara = Rose Toge = Thorn Kadoguchi = Gateway Awaihata = Light Edge Kuroken = Dark Sabre Kousa Makai = War of Hell Fuhensai = Omnipresence

Legend of Trueblade History

Aaron Peet

This is a brief (sorta) recount of the history leading up to the beginning of my series, The Legend of Trueblade. I doubt I will be posting the actual series here, it is too big, but you can find it at my website.


Joanne Parr


The Duel: Chapter Five

Ian King

Lucius must face Grael the Slayer in a duel to the death


Kimberly Bennett (a.k.a Moon_Fox)

A poem about the night sky, and humanity.

Chapter 2: Underworld

Krystal Chunaco

Chronicles of the Red Dragon II: Underworld Kaira awakens to find herself in even more danger than before - the danger of losing someone dear to her.

Legend Of The Elves - Chapter 3 - Search For Civilization

Kurt Le Courtois

The 3rd chapter, not complete.

Mermaid Poetry

Karl Boivin

I wrote this in less than an hour but I guess the inspiration was there!

The Blade of Arcturas: Chapter 1

Pat Zerkel

The second installment of Isaac's adventure. Not sure what else to say. Read!

The Legend of Blade: The Birth - Prologue

Josh Boo' Walls

This is my first original novel/book/story/whatever you wanna call it. I wrote it to go along with my pictures, well actually I drew Blade and Gala and the other people and creatures from here as an inspirational thing. So this is what started it all. I hope you enjoy it. I'll put it up here in chapters in at a time if someone asks me to do so. Enjoy. PLEASE COMMENT!


Marie Raven

A brief sort of legend spawning from true happenings in the lands of Tyresin Aeles. Note: It's still in its rough stages.