Oria: Chapter 1

Matthew Gardner

This story is as told by Kelnay, and the company of entertainers he formerly journied with, with you as a listener. I recommend reading this to better understand my other stories.


Alyssa Blair

Its a kinda strange story...it's my short story for school so there's not fighting...its just about this girl who guards this giant Norse tree thing that supposedly holds the whole Norse world. . . I shoulda put the wolf in it but instead there's a big pretty bird... (p.s-I spelled the name wrong too..) And beware the somewhat sappy ending...its the best way to rope teachers

The Duel

Ian King

This is a story about the birth of legends and the price that those legends demand. This is the first chapter.

The Sun and Two Moons

Toni Kaukinen

A 'traditional' fantasy fable - traditional for that world, that is, not ours. *G*

The unknown hero

Scott Grant

Okay i owe my friend Robert Kinney big time on this one. He helped out alot with the second draft on this story. Thi is about the 12th and final.. I think..

Legends Of Love

Lain Sakuraba

I was asked to write this in Honor of St. Patricks Day for the city's newspaper, And I think it turned out very well!

Tiger's Tale - Chapter 2

Leah Kresl


Vengeance Part 3: Redemption

Jenni Schimmels

Wirenth's quest takes her to Europe, but will she find the solution to her problem?


Sarah Hagen

With tragic life, forbidden lore; A tainted blessing finds her shore...

Sins of the Fathers Chapter 2 Starless Nights

Danny Staten

Chapter 2 of my unpublished book Sins of the Fathers

Kuzui- Prologue

Emily Ratka

It would be somewhat useless to tell you what this story is about just yet, seeing as how the prologue is very abstract, but hopefully you'll take an interest!

The Lost Mind - Chapter 4

Carly Silverton

Okay, so this new one has a lot of explaining in it about how and when and where concerning Julian's changes. Also there is a little special something at the beginning: Will she allow it or will he back out? Somewhat of a cliffhanger might be here, your choice on how badly you want to find out the rest.

Forbbiden Fruit

Camille Sabino

This i was inspired by the legends of the Angels that fell from heaven and chose to mate with the women of the earth. When i wrote this i only had one angel in mind.........Sammael aka Lucifer or Satan. He can be such a temptation......right?

"Those Who Must Fall"


I got the idea for this from an elfwood writer. If there are issues with that, then it will immediately removed. I did rather like his idea though, thought it to be exceedingly true.

Siyamak: A Myth


'Every quest is not worthwhile, nor every cause just. Sometimes scorned legends hold more worth than modern truths, and to turn your back on the old ways is to destroy the very foundation you now stand upon.'


Calijn de Jong

A shortstory inspired by medieval werewolf mythology.


Annie Rings

A poem that was for a local poetry contest. I failed to win, miserably, but I still like this poem.


Jonathan Shrader

The Rainbow Stone Pt. 1

Harold Alter

A legendary hunter becomes involved with a peasant girl except as it turns out she's not a peasant girl.


Gail Merritt

 On the edge of the Galaxy a girl dreams of her homeworld while two young men dream of returning to the stars. Their lives cross and are changed forever.These are the first two chapters of a novel, part of a trilogy 'Galatar'. The first two books are drafted and either can be read first.