By Fate

Michael Ballmann

This is my most recently finished story. Well, by finished I mean that I actually scrambled through enough pages to paste 'The End' on a page. It's not quite done, I'm having a few friends proof-read it and make me add in some more stuff, but other than that, it's done. It's set in a new fantasy world that I've created, which I'm going really in-depth on. Please post comments.

Godhunter Part IV: Cry Havoc

Jake Diebolt

With Bacht and the Saints of Battle destroyed, the Herald takes command of the Sacred Campaign and leads it deep into the heart of the Ahnnish Empire, burning as he goes.

The Legion

Jessica Cannon

Roman soldiers are ruthlessly hunted down and killed by something in the deepest, darkest forest of Scotland. Based on the way the Scots drove back the Roman forces, and a true story where the Romans stumbled upon a slaughtered scouting party. Of course, in the true story, it was only celts killing them, but in this one...

Pax Romana

Charles Lazaroo

This was the first story I posted on Elfwood, and it's now defunct. I intended it to be a story where the Roman empire never fell, but now, its basically without a plot. So here it is. However, if you have aplot that can improve on this story, e-mail me ! I'll be gald to here it, and I'll see what I can do.

Legion 1 - Chapter 1

Robin Morero

Some greco-roman inspired dark fantasy.

Legion - Chapter 3

Robin Morero

The story about the Legio Lunae continues...

The Legion Project

Brian Armitage

Those of you who have read my selections from New Avalon will recognize the Legion character; however, this is not the same girl that you've come to know and love. This, ladies and gentlemen, is Legion v. 1.0. The original, from modern times, years before New Avalon. I've recently gone back and basically rewritten this story. The improvment, I think, was dramatic. Let me know.

Godhunter Part 1: Genesis

Jake Diebolt

The city of Herettica has rebelled against the rule of the Emperor Tibidosis II. In response, the Imperial Fist has been dispatched to crush the city and enslave its people. Harild Onestar, leader of the rebellion, can see little hope in fighting the powerful Runic armies of the Empire. This story is set on the continent of Goddsfall (a very different world from my Arsenal stories). It was originally part of a novel I was working on as a kind of historical backstory. While the novel is on hold for a while, I feel the character and snapshots of Goddsfall's history are worth developing as a series of short stories. Enjoy!

Legends Retold: The Last She-Wolf Chapter I

Jennifer Nelson

In an Alternate Reality in the Desert of French occupied Algeria, Mission DuLac is the last of her kind. She is a Werewolf. Her endite family was murdered one night when a Hunter them. Her father had been a colonel in the Foreign Legion and she is cared for by the legionaires until a mysterious man comes and offers to bring Mission to live with him. Some of the dates are still off, I'm still doing research on the proper time periods. I hope all of the translations are correct. If I missed any please let me know and I'll edit them as soon as possible.

Legion - Chapter 5

Robin Morero

Yet more Legion..

Aihika prologue - A Peculiar Girl

Rafael Teles

Aihika- A story about a way chaotic world where the so called red ones, people that can use a special kind of magic, are to be purged, for they're evil. but are they really?

The Osiris Legion

Timothy Pontious

As the story opens, the Legion is between assignments, as it were. .... This is my first SciFi entry here. It was written as kind of a lark. Perhaps an African Swallow, but mostly a lark. The Legion is a mixed bag of orcs, humans, and miscellaneous mercenaries. Oh, and the Szith are insect-like peoples. Not the guys from that Star thingy movie.

Legion - Chapter 4

Robin Morero

More Legion...

Legion 2 - Chapter 2

Robin Morero

Some greco-roman inspired dark fantasy.

Legion 0 - Prologue

Robin Morero

Some greco-roman inspired dark fantasy.

Sepulcrum (pt. 3)

Ryan Morini

No one yet seems to have made it this far in this story.

Godhunter Part II: Tesk's Embrace

Jake Diebolt

The son of Harild Onestar is on the verge of death when Tesk approaches him with a bargain. In exchange for his service as her Herald, he will be granted new life. So Tesk's Herald begins his campaign against the Sky Lord Asgath...and his divine allies.

The Doctor's Orders

Vicki Nemeth

This is the first time I've written in such a straightforward voice. Congratulate me. I used to write purple prose. This is only my first draft. I actually finished its tweaks on December 30th, 2004.

The Account of Lord Salthor

Michael McCloskey

Disaster is the result when a young and untried commander leads his men against an ancient evil.