Faerie Rose

Rhiannon Taylor

*Poem* The rather sad tale of a man who fell in love with a female fae for one night, only to awaken to her vanished from his side. Could be sung as a song, for that is how it originally was written. I wrote this very late one night scribbled on the back of an article about human psychology from adolescence. Strange when inspiration strikes and even stranger is the result. Critique if you so wish.

Last day of the old ways

Robert Sjöblom

This story didn't turn out as I wanted it to, but I guess that can't be helped. The idea has been in my head for a couple of years now, but I can't seem to get it down on paper. I tried with this story, but it didn't turn out as I wanted it to. In any case, I'll most likely try and get it down as I want it, although it might take some time. :)

Basic Magic 102

Joshua Price

Written on 2/20/07 as the 4th story for my creative writing class. This time, I decided to try a dialogue driven story rather than action or detail driven, as is usually the case for me. I also attempted to avoid using stuff like 'He said, she shouted', etc to identify the speaker. The end result is pretty darn good in my opinion. Not my best thing, but does every new piece have to be my best? Being happy with it is fine by me. As per the story itself, its basically an excuse for me to explain the relation of magic and technology within my universe. And I do so shamelessly too. Besides, writing out essays and appendices can get a bit tedious, stories are much more fun. Anyways, now to throw it to the wolves...errr...the readers. Dang it. I didn't say that, you're only imagining it! Seriously. Ahhh, forget it, just read the story. Update 5/6/07: As per requirement of my writing class, I had to revise this piece. While minor in usual scope, killing the lisps and adding the 'he said/she saids' change the look and feel of the story quite a bit. There was also some minor corrections and rewordings as well. Update 6/15/07: Thanks to an anonymous user finding a typo, I was able to correct them. How did my spell checker miss yeahr?

Uniting Lepporian Chapter 6: The Chronicle And The Vial

Tom Shine

Wellity...a little more expansion here. We see the man who rules the south of Lepporian, and though his armies bring death in their wake, he is not the cold monarch that you would expect. And what exactly is Keera's history? Well...you could read and find out...*winkwinknudgenudge*

The Student's Mistake

Renee Landkamer

Emilyn's first lesson. It's short and choppy, but... there you are.

Death's Tears Part 6

Leigh Erickson

We return once again to Alranos and Garnor... Garnor begins to learn a wee bit about what it realy means to be Death...

The Misfortunate Misunderstandings: An Unlikely Junction of Souls

Michelle Schmitz

When Peter was a young boy he was cursed by a terrible witch. In effort to reverse this he goes off to find her to demand she fix him. On his journey he meets others who experienced the same fate. He even gains a few companions along the way.

~ A Lesson ~

J. Coates

I had always wanted to write an epic type poem that would remind people of sorrow filled bardic tales. This is what I came up with.

The Lone Wild Heart: Chapter 20 - A Lesson in Courage

Christina Stoppa

Let the trials begin! Arcturus will finally begin his lessons under Kuriyami's guidance.


Lydia Fleming

Ok this one was written back in my add a moral to the end of everything stage... I'm only adding it to elfwood 'cause... well maybe it belongs here. *grins* enjoy.

The Magical Tree of Zumzidizoo

Michael Brown

A very powerful magic tree takes on the responsibilities of his elders.

Unting Lepporian chapter 2: Plans in Blossa

Tom Shine

Here you meet Destria, one of my favourite characters. Jaygen, another prominent character, also features, and you get a glimpse of their relationship. This is sort of across the tracks, as Blossam is the mortal enemy of Keckerel. The tale ficks in between Destria and Jaygen's adventures and Keera and Orkit's adventures, but they all tie in eventually. But enough from me! Read on...

BCL4 A New Lesson To Be Learned

Christopher Stokes

this is the forth part of the tale i am trying to write and the return to the first group in the original bcl posted herein. I have started to bring them together as all will see in the next part i intend to post.


A. Glover

I think I wrote this in fourth grade, so it's old, but I still kinda like it :) (I *think* talking colored pencils are fantasy, right?)

Chapter 3 to ?

Rebecca Whipple

And it continues...names anyone?


Tamara Thiersmann

Another of my faves, I also feel this poem marks the onset of some amount of maturity creeping into my poetry. This one was also entitled 'Twenty Candles,' but I often don't use that title because then people think I can't count because, at first read, there seem to be 21 candles--lemme assure you there are only 20...the line 'The One who will be there to the End' only elaborates the previous line, and is not a seperate 'candle.' ^_- So *neener!* There is a method to my madness!

(moonlight) Starshine

Mathias Y. Dellaert

I wrote this well over a year ago, and I realise it's not very good even according to my standards but I still like this story. It serves as the prologue to the Moonlight stories I've written/am writing, especially the longer story I'm writing (which isn't here at the wyvern's lybrary but which can be found on my own site).

Hard Lessons (part 1)

Tiffany Dunn

This takes place on a land ruled by unseen dragons. The people are practical, suspicious of magic, and warlike and lords are constantly being overthrown in the quest for wealth. Yana was the daughter of one such lord.