Demons, Part Deux

Zachary Lome

I'm paying homage to Foo Sek Han(he's somewhere in Wyvern's...). The demon, and I guess some concept (C) Foo.

Chapter Two

Anika Ueckermann

Chapter two, in which Jesse gets captured and Aeonie finds out about her father's history.

Letters to the Night

Jessica Arnold

A series of letters from a future that wasn't too different from our world now...with one glaring difference.

A Letter For Daddy

Emily Karnes

One of my rare forays into science fiction. A wealthy businessman receives a peek into his daughter's future and into his own.

Purple Ice Chapter Two

Laura Van Volkenburg

On a journey for his Lord, Mukhatar stumbles upon a horrid site.

Symaira: Chapter nine

Sarah Kerr

Eleanor discovers a note from Bethane, and becomes determind to find Luca. Meanwhile Vigo's plans thicken unbeknown to the rebels

The Letter Unknown

Brittany Sparks

A letter. Yeah, that's about it...a weird letter no doubt. Weird job too...

I Was Always There

Rebecca Mosher

This is a letter from a mother condemned to die fro witchcraft, to her child.

The confession of a King

Charles W. Timm

This is the second story of the 'I have Fallen from Grace' seires. I didn't like this one as much. I didn't think about the story as long and I don't think it flows as well. Again, this story has nothing to do with the other IhFfG stories.

Destined - Chapter 1

Louise Lau

Following the prologue, Leyn embarks on her journey, and we meet the lumus!

A Novel Concept

Dana Roth

Although I love fantasy, I don't read a lot of it anymore. The problem, for me, is that so many of the novels out there are pulp fantasy - they have the same old plots warmed over again and again, with no original thought to them. Publishers and authors go with what's been successful before. It's not just fantasy that this happens, of course, but it still irks me. So this, of course, is a parody of a possible novel. Count the referances to other novels - there's a plentitude of them.

The Letters

Crissy Moss

A prinsess fleeing her kingdom writes to her beloved who was left behind. In his return letters she finds strength. This is the letters they shared until her return.

I love you, and goodbye

Heather 'dragon princess' Smith

A letter written from my RP char Ariean (half dragoness half elf) to the man she lovesmy b/fs char aka (Kasamaru, half dragon half demon) before she gives her life to have a bounty hunter return their son to their kingdom... Very sad, I cried while writing it... *tear*

The letter

Amber chaos the dark phoenix' Bronkhorst

A friend of me asked me if I could continue with the story Sadness. So here is the letter the mother wrought.

Dear Imagination

Elizabeth Fitzgerald

Lately I haven't had much time to write. When I finally sat down to resume work on Awakening I found it a real struggle. So I found myself writing this to blow out the cobwebs. It's something I'm sure most of us can relate to in one way or another

Vienna 2

Rian Sanderse

The entering of Vienna's adventure.


Maleah Schmitke

Again, another character intro. It should find its way into the main story. Hopefully I'll get what I have of that up soon. Please post feedback. Cheers

Ikonia - chapter02

Marijke Mahieu

The next part in this sea voyage. Seen from a different say the least. Updated 30/11/04: taken all the nice comments into account (oh and changed monastery in Temple...end of discussion! *grins*) I had to delete the previous version of this story to make all chapters line up correctly, but that meant loosing all the comments too. And that was something I was NOT prepared to do...So I saved them and put them all back in by hand (that's why they are all dated the 3rd Dec.) It was a lot of work, but it's the least I can do for you people who've all been so kind to comment on this story! ;)

Mermaid (poem)

Bianca Tangermann

Yes, all my poems are about mermaids. Some people draw nothing but dragons. I can't draw. So there. Anyway. This is actually in memory of a former teacher-in-training who had us as our class and who taught us about achrostica (Letter poetry) in German class. She was wonderful. Ages after she left I sat in class being bored, and the idea to write an English one about my favourite mythical creatures just grabbed me.

The Writer's Hand

Stacy Goll

A poem of writing.