The Mermaids' Comb

Kirstin Bell

This is a moral fairytale about vanity, and the dangers of being vain or trying to become beautiful through the wrong means. It is very child orientated, but can be enjoyed by all. Storyline- princess jealous of sisters beauty, steals something from mermaid to make her more beaiutiful.

Fire and Water Chapter One

Cheyenne Kai

The first chapter of my novel about a boy who finds out that he is not human, and is forced to fight for both sides in a war for Earth's survival.

Catch of the Day (Part 2)

Cullen Groves

James, suffering from the mermaid's curse, must concoct a plan to face the sea-nymph and wrest a counter-curse from her directly.

Catch of the Day (Part 3)

Cullen Groves

James descends to the bottom of the ocean and through the merwoman's trench to her underwater kingdom. Involves a Beowulf inspired battle beneath the sea (very loosely inspired!).

Once more for Paradise

Mai Zhang

One Library scholar finds out the danger of missing the forest for the trees.

Chapter One

Abigail Taylor

Annabelle-Lee is a young journalist taking her studies abroad and her first two days in Ireland have turned to be quite eventful. She is awakened in the middle of the night by the last person she expects, a half-wolf who has made his living as legendary rock star Tobias Williams.

Into the Sea Act 1

Amy Schley

This story began with a dream of being a mermaid swimming into the sea. I played around with making it the classic fairy tale of the orphan and the evil witch, but that just seems too cliche. I wanted characters who felt like people I knew. I wanted the Mermaids to actually be adapted to the ocean enviroment, instead of the creation of VERY lonely sailors. I also love the idea of what happens next in fairy tales (Into the Woods, anyone?), and I honestly hate the message of Disney's 'The Little Mermaid.' A sixteen year old girl who abandons her family for a man she has seen once (once!) gets daddy's blessing and eternal happiness? Not in any world I know. So I emphasized the mermaid's self-centeredness, made the witch someone who just does what she has to do to get by, made daddy mermaid bitter, introduced a granddaughter, and let the whole thing run.

The Island by Amelie Part 2

Amelie Forbes

Marooned alone Chloe continues to adjust and adapt to life on the island. But is she beginning to adapt a little too well....??

Another Foolish Human

Ana León Guzmán

This a story about a boy who wanted to be a mermaid, or whatever male mermaids are called! And how two real mermaids made a bet about his destiny...


Christopher Brackin

This is a poem I wrote for my writings groups anthology. I had a a really strange recurring dream for about a week and I based the poem entirely on that. I can't say what the dream was, as it'll give too much away! :P This poem has two meanings: 1 is easily found when reading it, the other is hidden beneath the words. ^^ One's happy, the other sad. (This wasn't entirely the structure I originally had, but i struggled with the html format, as I'd never done it before.. sorry!!!) Hope you like it!... :)

Chapter 12, Battle won, but what of the War, pt 1

Melissa O´Dowd

The aftermath of the Attack


Justin 'Merlion Emrys' Williams

Deep beneath the waves at the Heart of the Waters lies the Place of Echoes. There the Leviathan waits.

Changes-Chapter Five

Hali Pinson

oooo they finally made it and they have to


Katie Evans

Forgotton are the Gods, but beautiful and strong some still stand. Kallysto is the Goddess of water.

Beyond the Seas

This poem precedes the prologue of my first novel, which is in progress. Further elaboration on the Racon is found in my story/scene 'A Not-So-Soft Moonlit Night.'

Nix' Grave

Reetta Järvenpää

This was inspired by a song, some finnish folklore and my latest crush ;) I have a thing for tragic lovestories but I guess this one has a happy ending. Sort of.

Deep Seas


there are a few underlying thoughts to this poem, i wonder if you can figure them out. i'll give you a hint, look at the beginning and the ending

Ocean Floor Disco (Part 1)

Dana Miner

fantasy-humor-story prose-poetry

Monster's Lullaby

Samuel Gelman

Just a poem


Carrie Ott

This is my entry in the Elfwood Valentine's Day contest. First, about the story. If you couldn't gather, a mermaid and a dragon have fallen in love with each other, but obviously this relationship is impossible (not only because of their different breeds but because the mermaid is fatally poisoned by her contaminated water). Red tide, a large scale infection of the water by a special breed of plankton, has caused her sickness (heh, science class...). So, as she is dying, her dragon love lifts her to his back and takes flight, carrying her alongside the seagulls that she has watched from beneath the water every day. With him (riding on his back) where she finds the most comfort, she dies. And yes, "yester" is a word (the Middle English form of "yesterday").On the form - holy cow, sonnets are sooo hard to write! Ahem, all this info I'm about to give is for the poetry geeks who want to make sure that I really did write this in sonnet form correctly. This is a Shakespearean (English) sonnet. I didn't want to write a common AABBCCDD rhyme scheme poem, so I managed to get a sonnet out. Now, after doing much research to make sure that I knew the form of a sonnet, this sonnet has been written in the traditional English sonnet rhyme scheme, ABABCDCDEFEFGG, the last two (GG) being a heroic couplet. While most sonnets are written in iambic pentameter, they are not required to be (citing Dr. Axelridge). Therefore, my sonnet is written in iambic tetrameter, with an occasional trochee in there, bringing the syllable count of every line to ten. Heh, sorry to get all technical. :D Your future English major (I hope...) :)If you can't pick out the rhyme scheme, here it is - waited-fated, tore-core, frail-trail, smut-but, slowed-road, her-were, ride-died.Hope you enjoy!