The Jabberfloky

Mark Sherry

Woodchat can be dangerous for your mental health. It all started so innocently. Gayle Bird moved her jelly launcher into a defensive position to fend of those who were jealous of all her art programs and her 9x12' Intuos Wacom tablet. Other people started arming themselves as well. Then Phil drew his Vorpal Peashooter, and I just had to write this poem. For the uninitiated, Flok is a all purpose word invented by Marie Bird on IRC and spread through Woodchat (elfwood's official mailing list) by myself and others. You have been warned.

Lurkeywick (poem)

Peter Blair

One of my contributions to Herscher Project 21, a gift for Steve Doyle. He asked me for a Horror Commedy (on a side note, don't ever let him choose what you are going to do for him unless you really want to be challenged!). I tried to emulate the style of Lewis Carroll.

Unnamed ch.2

Shuo Chen

I'm not satisfied with some things in this part, but I don't know how to change them either. Enjoy?


Emily Kirsch

I was going to write a story about the Alice from Alice in Wonderland... but this came out, instead. I was listening to a song by the Cocteau Twins called Alice... and this came out. Mixing sirens with my favorite topic, the ocean.


Lynnessa Dick

Playing with allegory, this is heavily influenced by all the C.S Lewis I've read over my lifetime.

DDA(Down,Down,Again) -ch2

Christopher Bennett

The continuing adventures of Alice. Wee.