Once more for Paradise

Mai Zhang

One Library scholar finds out the danger of missing the forest for the trees.

Chapter 1

Magdalena Cerrina

This is the first chapter of a story idea I've been working on for about five years.

Mr. Linden's Library

Amanda Hopkins

Once again an assignment, this time in 5th grade. It's not my best, but what the heck, here ya go.

Waking Dreams: Chapter Ten

Holly Becker

Introduction of Amaurea, and the start of Vahie's memory sequence. Finally a bit of explanation as to the waking dreams and mind powers!

Waking Dreams: Chapter Thirteen

Holly Becker

And Amaurea returns. Vahie is also delighted to learn something about the Order's library.

Adoption Center Story 2

Kimberly Meisel

Continuation of number 1 - a bit more explanation here.


Adrienne Romani

The final piece in the 'Death' series.Interestingly enough, I wrote this one before I wrote Jason's story. I had fully intended to follow the line-up as stated in 'Death's Prelude', however when this was finished, I found it worked better as an ending. Although, I must say, that Jason's story tried gallantly to subvert that idea. (Hah! Writers prevail!)

The Princess and the Schnauzer

Erin Schmidt

This little vignette about sorcery, schnauzers and the power of romantic poetry is, for the most part, pure silliness, but I think that it's still one of my better-written fairy tales. I began it while I was in high school, and although it's been refined quite extensively since then, certain biases I felt at the time remain clearly apparent.

At the Library

Sarah Cuypers

What should have been a relaxing library visit, turns into quite an adventure for Aullène. Aullène is also one of the characters in my short story 'Of Books, Imps and Otters' but both stories can be read seperately.This story is written for the Elfwood writing competition 'Between the Lines 2009' and is inspired by this newsarticle. It won!


Anna Panda' Simmons

Skoller is just the froggish spelling of Scholar. This is one of my earliest poems, and one of my favorites.

Children of Ilma #12

Paulien van der Krift

The library at Argo-Faith Tower is HUGE!!

Heir - Chapter Five: Missing Memories

Teagen May

Anni is forced to return to the dungeons by Prince Reid; but on different terms. **TERRA'S SECRET STASH REVEALED!!!**

Snow Lovers

Maria Elmindreda L

Love, ghosts, and a lot of beautiful snow.

Emryss 2 : The Tale of Lilith and Ivan

Alix Fowler

Melana whom we met in the Epilogue is writing a paper for her instructor Chysta while day dreaming about herioc epics, and stumbles upon the tale of Lilith and Ivan

Heavenly Mortal (currently)

Frank Voldness

I wouldn't go so far as to call this a gothic tale, but it should be close by the time I finish it. To go into depth would give away quite a bit of the story. After the intro (which I will not give any info) are two of the main characters. It is not stated early on that they don't know each other very well, but they don't. Romance knocks on each of their brass knockers, but whether it takes place is to be seen. This contains the Intro and Chapter 1.

Unholy Smoke

Robin Hersom

Very dark, this one. If you want to read into it, it contains mystical things like allegories, and it has been accused of having a 'Lord of the Flies' feel to it, but you will have to see for yourself. UPDATE: I've responded to your helpful comments, and tweaked it where it needed tweaking. Thanks!

The Wyvern's Library

Bella Feine

I wrote this at 4 in the morning 'coz I couldn't sleep...and fininshed it at 5. It seemed like a good idea to do at the time, but when it came to getting up the next morning at 6 I wish I hadn't written it! Enjoy mes p't lapins raikaillonettes...

Tiny Minions

Laura Korska

What if not returning a library book had more dire consequences? This is a tale from my imagination, hope you enjoy!

Mr Lindens Library

Laura Sharp

A vine comes out of a book a. A book of stolen souls.A young girl soon meets a fate.

In Time of Need - Prelude

Orin Gaskins

This story is one that I had an idea for when I was wondering what to write on the rest of the other story. I hope that you like. I think that i might eventually change the title..a working title if you will. If you have any ideas on what I could call it tell me please. Comments welcome. By the way...there is more to the story than just the prelude...as I write more, you may understand the prelude more...I just have to find time to write it.