The Fey chap. 5

Alyssa Ullmeyer

In which we see the inside of Aeric's school and learn a little bit about deception.

Dragonsong - Chapter 3

Jay Morris

Chapter 3 of the 'Dragonsong' epic poem. This chapter was the connecting chapter... it was toughest to write.


Frances Gibbs

I was in a bit of an other-wise mood, at the time, if you can tell.. :P


Sathia Lyon

A young girl can see through the eyes of anyone who has the same eye color as her. When she looks through her bestfriend's eyes, she must decide whether what she has witnessed is a nightmare or not.



In a world of illusions and superficial beauty, how can you find reality? (Might write into a longer story, I dunno)

Relive the Nightmare

Jennifer Macvicar

i dedicate this story to my good friend Isla. she gave me the idea behind the story and i thank her for it. ta isla.

The Saw

Love sandquist

the human nature may never allow you to see the thruth before it is to late

Modern Day Siren

Darra Denton

What happens when your mythical Siren finds herself getting a job in a modern day city? Started as an exercise of an idea I had...then it just spun out into this. More to come later on.

Virtue's Disgrace


Just a poem I wrote after listening to too much Cradle of Filth. It was modeled after 'Dusk and Her Embrace,' but it's nothing really like it.

The sky is a mattress tonight

Carrie no.

okok, yes yes yet ANOTHER poem about,.. that evil ol world. mhm. im cynical i know maybe even sinister... but i like this poem:) its kinda neat and has that weird touch again. i know the ryhme is cheesy, but its kinda supposed to be, in all of these. because im REALLY sarcastic, and thats just one of my ways of making fun of the world, heh. anyway, enjoy:)

A Robotic Mind Sleeping in My Head : The Ice- Skating Demon

Aaron Kuhn

This is a story based off of a picture that I drew when I should have been listening to my teacher in Social Studies class.


Julia Rill

One day there comes the time when even the truest and best of all people will be tested by evil...

The Abominable Skzrunch

Eliza Hemington

This was a short assignment I had to do for French class. Don't tell my teachers, but I usually write them up in English first x_x Anyways, it was an oral, so think of me presenting this to my teacher, and also it was required to have 'skzrunch' in it, so I'm not completely insane... (A 2003 piece)