The Coya Crisis

Erik Jensen

Sorry... It's a surprise. But the main character is Valorian. Some 3,160 words, or about seven pages, so don't start unless you mean it. Second version. Please comment.


Alexander Damien

One day last year I had an idea for a story. I gave it the name Descent and wrote down as much as I could, planning to develop it further later. But then I lost the file and had to do it all again from memory. The series that came off it were called CHARRIOT. The first book is The Fallen Sky (in revision right now) and the second one is So That I Don't Dissappear (being outlined now). But just a few days ago I found this little piece and was awed at how I hadn't deviated all that much from the original idea. The names are all different on the books, but I decided to not change anything from this piece.

Sea of Troubles

Stuart Ferguson

A worried father tells the captain of the guards that his sons will most likely join the rebellion if something isn't done.

Irony and Blood III

Alice Raven

Third Chapter of my vampiric first-person blood-fest. The battle reigns. Warning: violence and minimal strong language.

Spec:3:Thunder and Lightning

Kyle Arthur

Here is the third issue in the Spec series. This is the start of the next mission, which is continued in spec 4. Two new specs are introduced and a brush with the shadow division is avoided.