Forever and More

Fiona Savage

Short poem about ever lasting life and death not being the end.

Nona Mordica

Alexandru Moisi

A short story about love from the point of view of a vampire. It is more of an interior monologue with a little twist at the end.


Anna Mortensen

I was reading the subjects for Jim Bowers' previous projects. Trying to think about the personification of Death, this came out. Beware, it is another short meaningless blurb. I'm ever so fond of them you know...

Elvish Love

Katrina Evens

love...and elves...

Phoenix syndrome

Erin McLaughlin

I went for a walk in the park and stood beside a giant tree. That night, I stayed up and watched 'Vampire High' At 2:00 in the morning the ending bit of the stroy jumped into my head, fully formed and demanded that I write it down. And the rest, as they say, is history.

'Winter Song'

Ben Peery

A poem about the Celtic death of the old year and beginning of the new.


Garon Whited

'Dead' doesn't mean 'finished.'

A Bard's Secret-Chap. 9

Lisa Harbin

Owen tries to live a life that doesn't seem to fit him anymore.

Sinner's Song Ch. 2

Crystal┬┤-una┬┤ Rodriguez

Continuing after 1. (i'm so good at these intros at the moment aren't I? ~blushes~)

To Those Who Wait (End)

E. Hanna

The conclusion of a long wait. Thanks to everyone fro reading my little story.

Nameless (Part 2)

Keryn Everett

Part two of my hopefully good story. Ok somethings are still unclear at this ponit but I'm still working on it.. and the last part will most likely be edited soon.

Not Enough

Maria Elmindreda L

This story is based on a very creepy dream of mine. Basically, it is my dream, minus the chaotic parts and memories from reality and dream lives.


Garon Whited

Do you remember?


Gina Nigro

Fire, Angels, thoughts, a mas quantity of images all put together symbolizing life and death


April Hall

Golden eyed vampira tells what its like to be her.

Truth of Flowers

Ashli Black

A poem that i wrote one day while in a reflective mood

It Soars

Allyson Yearry

This is a poem I wrote awhile ago, that got published in my High School's literary magazine, 'Mindprints'. I'm pretty proud of it, and I hope you enjoy it too!


J. 'Vi' Jacobs

I suppose I felt apocalyptic one day.

Wing 6 (Ocean Depths)

Brandon Lee

When an admirer sees her admiree fade into the sands of life what is she to feel?

The Sorrowful Piper

Brett Kirkpatrick

This little bit I like to call the Sorrowful piper because of what it's basically about. This is just a little article-type thing I wrote. I usually write these when I'm depressed, and they're all different. This one is just my favorite. They're not really fantasy, but it's 'Written by' a made up character of mine. So, um... enjoy. Yeah.