First Kiss

Elisabeth Jones

written for a competition on Elftown called kissing in the rain. hope you like it.


Kyle Arthur

Well here is the second part in my work to keep the timeline flowing. Unfortunately I made some changes and so I'm going to have to rewrite the next chapter too. Heck might as well redo the whole thing, might change the story quite a bit too. I think the part I'm doing now can wait until I've explained the characters a little better. Let me know what you think of the changes made in this chapter. Mainly just the first half or so is different, I didn't change the ending too much. Sorry if its a hassle to go through again.

Portrate of Faol

Darin Barnes

Faol dancing.

Omens of The End (Amaranths tale, part one)

James Wagner

The beginning of an epic...

The Hermit

Jess Hyslop

Ooh, is this a companion piece to 'The Hunter', you ask?? Well, I wouldn't want to disappoint you... so yes, yes it is!! In fact, it is almost more the Hunter's story than the Hermit's... Although I am sorry to say that I don't consider it quite as original as 'The Hunter' itself; it's a little more *generic*, you could say. Which is a shame - maybe I will re-work it at some point. BUT it does give big big clues as to WHAT the Hunter is, if not WHO. I was going to reveal his name at the end, but when I wrote it in it seemed a really cliched and horrible way to end it, so I didn't... Hehehe sorry!By the way, as I've replied to many of the comments on 'The Hunter' itself, most of your wonderful guesses as to his identity were actually being way more clever than I was when writing it... and so made a lot more sense than who he actually is meant to be. To be honest, it doesn't matter particularly in 'The Hunter' - it's a bit more explicit here. I hesitated to make it so explicit, as I didn't want to spoil the mystery... If you liked 'The Hunter' as it was, maybe you should steer away from this one. (Ha, good one, Jess - telling people *not* to read your story!!!)

The Horde of The Spider God

David Southam

This is a sample of my planned third novel, The Dark Alliance, from my first fantasy saga. The Wrathstone Saga is to be the first of three trilogies, chronicling the recent history of my fantasy world, Lahn. The Wrathstone saga tells the story of a young man named Rick, an orphan from the quiet town of Povelstone, who, after finding an ancient evil artifact called the Chaos Medallion, finds himself pulled into a tale of wizards, dragons and all things nerdy. Rick finds out, much to his dismay, that he is in fact the 'Godgift', prophecised by the Gods themselves to become a mighty wizard called Al Caiatar, the Etherlord, the only one who can stop the coming of the God of Chaos, Nahgaroth, and of course, save the world of Lahn. In this excerpt, he and his loyal companions have found themselves under attack by a swarm of Enrath, akin to giant spiders, but altogether nastier. Enjoy! Note: The term 'Shimzera Muros! Shimzera Raiadar! Halla ken far indigar Al Caiatar!' does not have an exact meaning, and cannot be translated into modern speech. They are simply fictional 'words of power', used by wizards to invoke magic.


Ruth Petroff

sudden inspiration, from frustration of not writing anything worth posting in months...finally, something!

The Artist

Nicolei Arnold

My friends and I have weird experiences. This particular friend has a strange ability to...well go ahead and read the story. Like I'd tell you!

The Legend of Ael: Celtic

Jermaine Joseph

Chapter 3 of The Legend of Ael: Celtic.

The Oracles Promise

Lora Hayden

The Caretakers of the elements are slowly going insane. The Oracle knows some of what's happening, but it's not revealing all... (The Oracle speaks in bold italics)


Ayla Elder

Four teenagers, some unaware of their own power, are the only ones who can stop an evil king...


Serge Isakov

just my try at some type of poetry. Its a mythical ceature that i created, so here you go.


Shuo Chen

Voodoo doll, perhaps?

Gods favours part 3

Sophia Hutchings

The story continues... I've had Wraith drawn by another elfwood artist called Brandi- a link to her art is in my loth gallery. Please check it out, it amazing! (And It Got Mod's choice!!) A full-party pic is on it's way too. So keep checking back, leave comments, and yeah. Enjoy. ^_^

Forever Shadow: Chapter V: The Darkman

Siegfried Baumann

The fifth chapter of my book Forever Shadow. Please enjoy and leave some comments. Check out my SF&F page for some illustrations. Leave lot's of constructive criticism please.

Dancing a Storm

Hannah Smith

Inspired by Philip Pullmans 'The Firework Makers Daughter'.

A God's Wrath

Robert Johnston

this one was written for school, using 'sky' as the stimulas. its not bad, a tad graphic though...

Autumn Dreams

Rose Gregory

In the heart of the storm and in autumn's fire, lies the place where dreams and fey conspire.

Prophecy Awakened - Chapter One

Nicole Kitsune~ Schledewitz

Berlim must start his life over from the beginning, and things are just returning to normal when a new challenge comes along.

Unto the Gates of Poazach

Tivanosa Evangelista

A sorceress must confront an impossible challenge alone. This is a tale of high fantasy, high battle, epic demigods and tremendous powers. This is the tale of a titan against mortals, and one hell of a lot of special effects...