The Story of Daenar Firefang

Victoriana Ravenscraft

Daenar is not what he seems. A man of many talents within his critical medievil world, Daenar fights not only the unseen forces conspiring against him but the hostilities of his own clan, his own society. ~*~This is obviously unfinished and unedited. Please be gentle... lol I just wanted to put it out here for ya'll to see. I have great plans for this one. Thanx to all ya'll!

Myr~ Chapter 2

Caitlin Veit

This, like Chapter 1, is technically a second draft, however I will repeat that there is very little word for word or even rearranged verbatism. The first draft bits are extended notes that are frankly not the right format for a story anyway. XD 

Heaven And Hell

Carolin 'Dragoncat' Southern

Here is an opening, I want you to tell me what ought happen next. The best suggestion will get it written. The main character is a halfdemon, with a human form, who has run away from Hell because has worked out that the torturing of souls and bringing of evil is not what he wants to do with eternity. He is a demon who wants to be saved.

Death (Or Something Like It)

Ben Brannan

A story written with a dash of British humor; The main character dies in his sleep and must come to terms with this while juggling a Hate-Hate relationship with the spirit of a plant and trying to discover why he wasn't taken to Heaven OR Hell-- Just left alone on Earth.

Remeber Me

Vera Sage' Ursache Koranyi

Another poem in the style of 'For Me'.

Cateract remote action

Lizzi Scoones

It was meant to be a horror story, then wasn't scary enough. It was meant to be a thriller, but wasn't thrilling enough. It was meant to be action, but there wasn't enough action. Start of a story that I like. Ironic, isn't it? Set on my wierd world Cateract (long story on the name) but not as wierd as any other stories I've done there.