The Lions

Dewi Morgan

I guess subconscious inspirations for style for the first part were the Harvard Lampoon's 'Bored of the Rings', Pratchett, and any number of less skilled fantasy humour authors. But then halfway through it changes to boring textbook style (inspirations: any non-O'Reilly computing manual). Needs a rewrite. Apologies. I admit it's naff. First attempt, so cut me some slack, OK? It took me two afternoons. I expect it to be part of a trilogy of independent stories about the same thief:'The lions', 'The Which', and 'The guarderobe.' (With humblest apologies to CS Lewis!)'The Which' will be a music/adventuring group (think 'the Who'). I know nothing about the band 'the Who', so I've not a lot to go on for in-jokes there. Let me know if you have any good ideas.'The guarderobe'... look it up. No idea if I spelled it right: Word's spellchecker shrugs it's shoulders and underlines the word in red. Tell you what: if it's spelled different to how you've seen it written, it's because I've used the older form of the word. Like 'shoppe' and 'custardde' and stuffe.Actually, ignore what I said about cutting me some slack. I'd LOVE it if someone took the time to dissect it completely, point out the typos and bad grammar, suggested more fitting turns of phrase, better plot twists, ways to shorten it...

A Promise

Carl Anderton

Meriadoc and Myria - two roleplay characters of mine - meet each other whilst out on the road...

Wolves Bane

John Shortall

A write up of some history of a book I have written, it tells of how an important character becomes what he his.

The Tale of Darqcyde

Adam J. Smith

The story how Darqcyde came to exist, a char of mine, given to me by a friend and I just made up the backstory.

Abscence Of The Divine

Tiffany Passmore

This is a revised version of the old copy here. I was thinking of having her as a new White Lion Character. Enter the world of Heaven and you just may be deemed unworthy. Heaven has her own comic now. Check her out at

The White Lion chapter 12

Tiffany Passmore

MWAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I LIVE.... whew, here is the next chapter I am so sorry this took so long. I will never leave the page hanging for so long again. please feel free to comment.

Part of the Pride

P. Andrey

This story is a present day fantasy. It is in the form of a journal. All my friends that have read it seems to like it. There are Swahili words in it and I by no means am good in Swahili so if you know Swahili and find a mistake with my usage then please let me know. Please let me know what you think.

The Realm of the Phoenix

Dani Hall

Off far away from earth, there is a magical world. When you cross from our world to theirs, they bless you and wish you good journey.

The Cursed

Kayla Hansen

I like naming things like Curse.. you noticed? Anyways... this is a vampire story that I started a while back, then finished in Creative Writing.. enjoy.


Julia Gilstein

This is one of the poems I wrote for school. The inspiration for it came from a book I was reading that had gryphons in it.


Lynton Farr

Of Africa and Aliens. This story is for Camile, without whom this story would never have been written.

Intro to My world

Marcus Ager

This is the introduction to the world I have invented for my writing, including descriptions of the races (various anthros) and the characters. If you get confused while you are reading any of my stories about anthros (which may or may not be all of them), or if you just want more info on a specific character or the backround of the world I'm writing in, check it out! ^^. Note: New characters Sakura, Eleron, and Ryu up now!

The Castle Part VI

William Staples

A continuation of "The Castle" series.

Come with me...

Manuela P. Forst

As I was in Singapore, they told me a story about a creature - a lion and a fish in one animal - which lives in the sea and is the guardian of the islands. A big sculpture of this animal named Merlion stands on the top of the island Sentosa amidst a beautiful garden of fountains and light.

The Story of the Griffon

Melanie Teichroeb

Just a light little poem I started a LOOONG time ago and finally finished...behold! The making of the first griffon! :3

The Path to Janinjill's House

Tuskin Roberts

I know it's been a while since I've posted anything, but honestly this is one of the few stories I've written lately that could possibly get by the maderators; I've just been trying new things, new genres and new styles. But this is very much in line with the themes of Elfwood, so...I'm talking too much, aren't I? Just read.

Old Man's Fountain

Matthew Herbert

The old persons' dream...

Of Alora Ulurien and Cararyn the Warrior - Chapters 5 and 6

Brittany Cade

The forest watched them from behind every tree...


Charlene Longwell

An elf continues her journey

The Poems Of Which No Sense Can Be Made

Rosie a.k.a female fred

Umm.. yeah. This is a collection of poems from a very very very very very long time ago. Some of them I wrote when I was 12. Most of them aren't very good. Because the titles and poems got all messed up the titles are: Lion Song, Magical Things Are Afoot, A warning to all those that go on my site, The carrot song, how to dance with an african buffalo and the problem with poetry. This probably shouldn't be up here and I'm not sure why it hasn't been taken down..