The Well-Part Four

Daniel Schaub

I've noticed a trend in focusing on Lextor. So this part is all about Lyle, and a little about his new pet.

Intro to My world

Marcus Ager

This is the introduction to the world I have invented for my writing, including descriptions of the races (various anthros) and the characters. If you get confused while you are reading any of my stories about anthros (which may or may not be all of them), or if you just want more info on a specific character or the backround of the world I'm writing in, check it out! ^^. Note: New characters Sakura, Eleron, and Ryu up now!

Chapter 1 - Surrender

Dawn Holliday

The book begins with a dark and dismal look into the world on the fiery side of this land.. poor ol Farrel..

The Castle Part II

William Staples

This is a continuation of The Castle.  This would be Part 2.

Chapter 2 - Hope

Dawn Holliday

This chapter shows the chance meeting of two main characters, Amara and Albern, and the pain they've been through

The Castle Part III

William Staples

This is a continuation of The Castle.  This is Part 3.

Desert rain


Summer has come, and it's way too hot even to think, let alone move. Inevitably, mind drifts towards Arabian Nights. That piece is about a nomad, or perhaps a dervish...

Where the Lions Sat

Rochelle Watts

It's one of those places where you find it only once and never again.

Introduction - The creatures Of Montriste

Dawn Holliday

This is to fill you in on the past of the creatures in this sad world... and how it got to be in such a ptiful state..


Emily Bisset

A story of young Orion living alone in a harsh world, where feral lions will hunt you down and men hold a 'harvest' to keep down the population of those they have bred within the walls of the 'nursery'. Orion meets Nevein and together they set out to see what lies beyond.


Becky Gerdel

I was asked to share this