Elizabeth Cordes

This is an excerpt from a novel that my friend and I were attempting to write. It's about a general who gets flung back in time to gather the scattered shards of the light crystal, which balances magic with the dark crystal. Anyway, I don't think it'll ever get finished. Sorry if most of my works here are unfinished. I know, it disappoints me, too. hehe ~_^ And sorry if it's a bit long; didn't want to split it into two separate things.

Chapter 1 of the wars in heaven

Daniel Beck

now we get to the story itself... This story is about an angel who finds himself in the the middle of the greatest of all struggles... The war in heaven.

Lady of Fury 1

Karen Crumley

A darker side of myself emerges, in the character Beliah. A dragon-like creature known as a Dorndin... (Due to popular suggestion, this will be the new chapter 1 of my novel at )

Prison Camp

Samuel Lopez

This is a short story with the same character as in 'The Cross'

Burnt Earth ch. 4: Zaal

Erik Hansen

We meet Zaal, heir to the agross Armada.  He has a nasty disposition towards humanity as well as his father.

Burnt Earth ch. 1: Vultures

Erik Hansen

Cobar leaves his hovel in the desert to search for meat, but finds something he did not expect.

Empires Awakening: Prelude + Chapters 1, 5, and 7

Matthew Welch

This is a short excerpt of my first book. It is the initial chapter for the three main storylines of the tale, and follows their paths as they begin to set out on the adventure locked inside the pages of a story. I have completed the full text, all 22 chapters, and I am seeking to get this published.The story itself is a slight shift from the typical fantasy fare, as events are taking place in the relatively young planet, in just its second age. This is the time of great adventures and powers that set the stage for the legends and mythos of the ages that will come behind it. I do intend to write for this place all the way through the end of the planet so look forward to seeing this world grow and the pains it will endure on that path.

Leroy's Lethal Lip Lock

Tom Taylor

Ok this is a story I wrote for Lynn using her species she writes about in her stories. She gave me permission and we sometimes  colaberate on stories together. This is a story is about Romance gone A Gley. Things Aliens have to deal with when it come to love lifes.


Caitlin Coghill

This is the story about Jate, a young anthro (Lizard-elf) from the Northern Lands, trying to evade an evil Queen and find a place to belong...


Jeff Karlson

I just found this on my computer and realized with a little editing, it might not be half bad. So check it out.

Furries Chronicle

richard laws

This is an experiment for me, I'll be honest. I don't tend to write stuff like this, but it has really caught my imaginataion. This is the story of several anthromorphic characters in a magic-heavy environment. I don't want to give to much away, but it has several threads that I hope to draw together. I don't have an overall plan for how this is going to end, or happen, just what I feel like whan I'm writing. If you have any suggestions about the plot, do mention them, they will be appriciated. Again, any feedback on HOW to write is always appriciated. If any part of this offends, please do contact me and I will endevour to explain myself.

The Cry of Liberty

Julie Gele´

A Bedouin warhymn. Having fun trying to write a song. Did I so well or did I butcher it? (which I truly fear...)

Dream Bridge

Mark Neeley

Based on a sketch I did in the middle of the night; part dream, part wishful thinking.

Samalander Lizard, Chapter 1

Nathan Woods

This is a shortish description of my online character, the Samalander lizard. I hope you enjoy it, although this is a different style for me I think it turned out ok....please feel free to respond :P

Samalander Lizard, Chapter 3

Nathan Woods

Shorter gap between stories this time *grin*. The continued evolution of the Samalander lizard. I hope to have chapter 4 up sometime soon. Hopefully my fan enjoys these stories ( know I have at least one out there.... ;)

Intro to My world

Marcus Ager

This is the introduction to the world I have invented for my writing, including descriptions of the races (various anthros) and the characters. If you get confused while you are reading any of my stories about anthros (which may or may not be all of them), or if you just want more info on a specific character or the backround of the world I'm writing in, check it out! ^^. Note: New characters Sakura, Eleron, and Ryu up now!

Burnt Earth ch. 2: The Law of Necessity

Erik Hansen

After finding the human girl, Cobar brings her back to his shelter.  Her fate rests in his claws.

Just a Beast

John Bailey

One of my oldest non fan-fics. A sad tale about guards, a monster, and a maiden.


David Rookhuyzen

This is just a general funny story I wrote in ten minutes. It was really late and I was tired! Just enjoy in a 'Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy' way.


Anna Mortensen

As posted by the Devonshire Alley Critter Protection League, in coordination with The Feral Feline Education Society... *All illustrations are by Sadia Ali and used with her permission. I recently rewrote the ending. Everything runs a lot smoother now. Of course, that's not saying much...