Night frost


In Nifelheims frezing hell you'll find Hel, the two faced lady, daughter to Loki...

The Ragnarok Cycle -- Part I

Gregory Rabbitt

Back in late 2002 I had the idea of writing a series of short stories based on the Norse myth of Ragnarok, the 'Twilight of the Gods.' This was the initial story I made up, and I actually haven't gone back to write more in the series. It's still on one of my to-do lists.

Dark Clouds

Andy LeFevour

This is a story all about Thor from Norse myth. It's long! If you like mythology, dig in. If you are unfamiliar, then maybe i can get you hooked.

Loki (character study)

Josephine DeSanto

A day in the life of Loki, norse god of fire and chaos.

Dark Daze Ch.6

Timothy Crowder

The worlds powers that b have a meeting over what they should do, and discuss Cain Ronan the infamos hunter

Dark Daze ch. 10

Timothy Crowder

Loki gets says good bye, and the team leaves for the mission.

Dark Daze Ch.7

Timothy Crowder

Loki and Gelimear leave their meeting and meet another man who wishes to join the cause

Dark Daze ch. 8

Timothy Crowder

Loki and Wynter say good bye before he leaves

Dystopia Chapter II: The City At Night

Kiril Mokrov

The second chapter of my story Dystopia. I like this one better than the first part.

Avatar: amag part 6

Shana R. Markham

Yay! It's part six. There was an entire Drake encounter in the earlier form of this chapter, but it involved a groin kick and some power that was really out of place. On the other hand, it did have a nice desk thing going for it. Don't ask how I got the smell. It just seemed right.


Catherine Clegg

Inspired by Leon. Loki is a sort of elf that kills people, for money, but he gets into trouble. It's only chapter one and I am stuck.

Pīkoi and Sif

T. McKain

Made for a contest on ET (Myth Blending Contest - ends around July). The rules were to mix myths from two different cultures and add in a character of your own. Sif/Loki are both from Greek mythology. Pīkoi is from Hawaiian mythology. Enjoy! Note: Pīkoi is supposed to have the special 'ī,' but unfortunately, Notepad can't handle that kind of writing unless it's saved in unicode which makes Elfwood unable to read the file. So, I'm ashamed to say that in the story Pīkoi doesn't have the proper 'i.' However, you can look at the beautiful 'ī' here in the description. :)

Twilight of the Gods

Patric Nuttall

This a the story of Ragnorak told in poetry form.

Death's First Meeting

Jessica Robinson

A humorous look into the secret meetings of the ancient gods.

Dark Daze Chap. 3

Timothy Crowder

#rd part to the Dark Daze and Victors curse

Ragnarok - Twilight of the Gods

Frances Gibbs

Poetry based on the prophesy of the great battle of Ragnarok, and the event s leading up to it, as known in Norse Mythology, as much as I have done so far... My rendition of Fenrir lives here and here in my loth gallery.

All I Have

Lauren J Bailey

Loki is bound to the rock. Story continues from there.... Original

No name as yet

Manda Evans

This story doesn't have a name yet, I just call it 'The Story'. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment or e-mail me!

Dark Daze ch. 9

Timothy Crowder

Loki remembers his father.


Josephine DeSanto

Frenris, a young Norse demigod finds his path in life.