Lost in the Shadows

Christopher R Regan

Starshadow's first visit to New London, home of his friend Tallpine, turns out to be less fun than he expected it to be.

Molly's Love, Chapter Five

Sarah Manley

The restlessness in Molly's soul will test Aidan's love and devotion. Once again time sees them traveling the world. In the streets of 19th century London Molly meets a young woman born to darkness. Will the bond between Molly and Aidan be able to survive or will all that they worked for be torn apart?

Slenthril in Trafalgar

Rob London

First sighting of Trafalgar Quarter. The citadel will keep developing as ideas come to me...


Rob London

The first of the Trafalgar Quarter stories. Elves are besieging the last remaining human ghetto south of the North Wall...

Elemental Series: Wind and Fire IV

Katrina Zimmerman

Part 4

Bittersweet Memories (part 10)

rhianon gill

Yes I know, it has been AGES since I uploaded anything, although I did say I was going to do a load of writing in the summer... I've kind of been busy (sorry, pathetic excuse) - first caravanning with my friends then camping with my family and a couple of friends and after that I redecorated my room.I am fairly happy with this piece ^__^ and you get introduced to a couple of new characters :D it would be great if you let me know what you think of them, or any impressions of the characters so far?yeah... I have nothing much else to say...(oh and I just noticed, when the girl mentions 'Mr ' this is Mike, I just haven't got round to giving him a last name yet)

Curse of the Immortals: End of the Eternal - Prologue

Chris 'Araloki'

The war between the Immortals of the Guardian Order and the Fiends of Chaos has stretched from ancient past to modern day, but will this last, deciding battle reveal the Immortal Kin to mortals, and end a thousand eons of secrecy?

Jack Cambridge (Part 1)

Benjamin Murphie

Jack gets a proposition, one that it would pay to take up in his kind of work. This story came from nowhere but i'm quite proud of it.

Bad luck

Nicolas Urban

Hiding in a wet burial vault, a vampire thinks about his past life and what turned him into an undead. Yes, he has never had luck with women ...

Elemental Series: Wind and Fire V

Katrina Zimmerman

chapter 5 in the series, the plot is starting to come forth I think

The New Machine Part 2: Strange Days

Adam B. Ragg, or 'AdZ von Raggamuffin', or 'Adam Wragg, The Well-Known Typing Error'

Reborn emmerges onto the music scene of 2057, but all is not what it seems...

The Beautiful Dead

Merrill Montgomery

more seventh grade fun.


Robin Lorin

In a pre-modern London, people with the strange ability to control elements of the earth are known as Elementals. In some parts of the world welcomed, and in some ostracized, gangs of street rats with these powers form and gather in London. Soon the children’s unnatural energy will shake the known world on its axes as they begin a feud that pulls all of England into the fray.

Quick Silver

Lindsy Smigel

The two main characters are a shape shifter and an empath, based in 1812 London England. The shape shifter is by day, a mild-mannered Marquis who dabbles in the ton of society (upper crust party people), by night he is managing the family pack and keeping their existance safe. By day, she is a poor Baron's orphan living with her step siblings and abusive Uncle, doing what she can to scrape by. By night, she is an empath who can heal with her voice (something with sound waves, magic, etc..) They both have known each other since he was a teenager and she was a pre-adolescant, and both will find they need each other now that they are grown.

Quathen's Tale

Rob London

The third in the Trafalgar Quarter series. The barman and his regulars, swapping stories...

Quick Silver ; Chapter 3

Lindsy Smigel

third chapter in a series with same title. Set in London England 1812

Best of Both Worlds, Chapter one

Mariandel Morgan

This is the first chapter of a book I was writing years ago and recently rediscovered. Please tell me what you think.

The Malice

Tristann Good

A flash fiction inspired by my commute to work one day.  The sights, sounds, smells and people of the London Underground can be strange indeed...

Firefly 02

Freyja Stokes

Firefly, part 2

The torment of Seclusion

Kate Inquisition

This was my final project for English class. I had to create a renaissance diary of a non-famous person living during that time period, and include important events, and so on. I liked the one I did, and found it to be appropriate for this website, so here it is. It is the diary of a Hermit, the grandson of sir Bedwyr, King Arthur’s war Lord, who isolated himself after Arthur’s death. Of course in the project itself, it includes pictures of this infamous Kail, leaves, flowers, and so forth, I would have scanned them for this, but unfortunately, my scanner was not fixed before the time this was due, so perhaps you can just create a mental image. I collaborated on this project with Ashley Burdo, She did all the great artwork it had, and I did most of the writing. And if I may add, I did not think it to be complete unless there was some type of fantasy creature in it. I wanted to add a Centaur, but I didn’t find an opportunity, however fortunately, I was able to adjoin the presence of a dragon, or at least what this Hermit thought was a dragon (Hey, it had to be realistic). I’m not too happy with the constant mentioning of Shakespeare and queen Elizabeth, and the character development portrays him as being rather narrow minded and opinionated, but what was you expect from a hermit? I do like, however, how the creation of Romeo and Juliet was tied in with this hermit’s relationship with his deceased lover or wife, Kail. (6.1.03)