Vanity is a Sin

Lauren Christine

it's not my best work, but it's alright i suppose... actually, i just wanted a story with long funny names, and this is what came out!! ^__^

The Legend - Chapter 1

Alessandra Meyer

This is (a rather long) chapter to a novel I'm trying to write. I think it's a little weak, I think I should work on the plot some more. Any suggestions? (The second chapter is coming soon. It still needs revisions.)

Chapter one - Cruel fate

Ashley Bruce

This is the very first chapter in a story which I have been trying to write for ages. I still not completely happy with it but I think this is the best version. I havn't quite decided on the story's name, I was think along the lines of 'A darkened heart' but I don't know! Any suggestions whould be gladly appreciated = o)

Arthallin Majeste - Part 6

Jason Romein

The sixth installment has finally arrived! The last section of this for some reason was incredibly difficult to write, and it feels a little bit lame at the moment, but now I can move on with the story. Note that this is by far the longest section released thus far!


Ryan Barnard

This is a long story about a family on the run from a government with no concern for its citizens. Enjoy!

Adontis- chapter2

Cameron Brandsberg

Um second chapter, as you would expect. Not sure I like this, but I'm working it out, please give my comments and suggestions.

It's Only a Story

Maureen Anderson

A poem about helping different people in different places. But the only way you can help is if you believe that you can, that the things you read aren't just stories, but true things you can help with. It's a little long but I like it a lot. Totally one of my favorite poems.

In the Woods (Poem)

Michael Bradley-Robbins

Poem about what happened in the woods one night...

Moon Dancer (Short Story)

Rachel Lamine

Corrigan longs for the moon.

Memories of Magic: Part IV Memories of Innocence

Diana Moon' Schmuckal

There are some things in this chapter that bug me, but I am not sure how to fix them. But if anyone doesn’t notice them, then I won’t change anything. Also, as you can probably see, the chapters are getting longer and longer. (The first one was only 5 pages, now this one has jumped to 9!) But they don’t really get any longer than this, so no worries! Thank you for reading! Oh! And Johnny is a name that has great sentimental value to me, and the origins of the name are what inspired the story in the first place!

To Fly With Dragons

Michael Viar

Just a little thing I whipped up the night they let me into the library, a remake of the original which was lost when my laptop died a couple weeks back. One of my personal favorites, how about you? Like or no, please leave a comment, and if ya don't like it, please please please tell me why. Thanks in advance!

The Giants

Megan Hale

A cold, hard journey into day.


Shuo Chen

This was written under moonlight. Literally. I was supposed to be asleep then and so I didn't dare turn on any lights. Separated from a beloved friend by distance....

Lay of what was lost

Jimmy Brandt

Just a short poem I wrote. Enjoy.

Macidermdale Chapter 3

Chris Poole

Chapter three to the big one. :)

The Long and the Short of It - Poem

V.K Alfieri

Just a silly little fun poem i wrote before getting stuck back into my actually helped me write more of my story believe it or not....

The Sweetest Moments

Julian 'Llos' Greene

Waddle dee...

Elemental poem

Tisha' Angel' Watson

Something I wrote in Computer tech II when I was supposed to be doing an assignment.

Cateract remote action

Lizzi Scoones

It was meant to be a horror story, then wasn't scary enough. It was meant to be a thriller, but wasn't thrilling enough. It was meant to be action, but there wasn't enough action. Start of a story that I like. Ironic, isn't it? Set on my wierd world Cateract (long story on the name) but not as wierd as any other stories I've done there.

Memories of Magic: Part II - Memories of the World

Diana Moon' Schmuckal

Hello again! I am glad you made it to the second chapter! (despite some of my bad writing abilities…^_^;;) As before, please read and review with any constructive criticism! I would greatly appreciate it! ^_^