A Secret Parting

Vincent Roland

A man has been living with his wife for many years but feels restraint and so decides to leave for an adventure to slay a dragon. However would you really leave what you've started in life?


Erin Ford

...and yet another poem...

Is All Fair In Love And War? (Chapter 4)

Austin Edgington

The third chapter in my series, worth a read, but remember, read them in order to know whats going on! Im gonna have to end this series soon... or pull one of those 'to be continued' things. Its basicly going nowhere... Il try to turn it around, and if all else fails. Theres always the option of ending it right now. Hehe. Oh well theres probably going to be one or two more chapters. Enjoy!

Pain - 10.14.03

Josh Natzke

This poem(?) embodies the pain and longing that sometimes overcomes me. Life can be so hard sometimes, even for humans, but especially for those of us who do not fit into the norm.

A Winter Night's Plea

Hannah Bridgeman

A story about loss and the uncontrolable pull of true love.

Convent Reflections

Shuo Chen

'Nuff said! Well, this one almost has a political side to it...

Return My Wings

Stephen Serna 'Sladaerna'

A Dragon forced into another form, a wingless one.....those who understand this...well, I'm sure you understand.

Wishing on a Star

Meike Nooy

Stars can be bridges...

Sensing you


Poor Selma, she's missing Mark on the other side. Isn't it strange, how you can love someone who has done you so much harm?

Raven Dance

Rachael Shelley

A Vampire reflects on his past and present silently within the confines of his sylvan home, which for him has become like a tomb for the damned. This is for you Taikuro *luffs him*

Psyche's Longing

Kate Inquisition

Psyche’s Longing is about the Greek myth told by Ovid of Cupid and Psyche. Briefly, the story is that Psyche is one of three sisters, the youngest and most beautiful in all the land. The goddess of love and desire Venus is jealous that her temples are neglected, so she orders her son Cupid, or Eros to make her fall in love with the most hideous creature. When he sees her, he falls in love with her himself, not completing his mother’s revengeful task. When she learns this, in rage, she puts a spell on Psyche such that men can still go to adore her, but none will ask for her hand in marriage or want her any longer. Psyche must then live in this desolation and loneliness. It is during this time that this poem from her point of view takes place. (5-30-03)


Malin Runsten

About a demon(Incubi)that falls inlove with a mortal woman.

Sad Angel and the Sea Part I

Hannah Bridgeman

He is a lost soul seaking what he believes to be lost to him, and she is a broken heart searching for answers long since claimed by the sea.


K Brown

A Vampire (surprised?) who wants to forget...

Without Wings

Stephen Serna 'Sladaerna'

This is another one having to do with a Dragon longing for his lost wings...enjoy... n.n


Shuo Chen

This was written under moonlight. Literally. I was supposed to be asleep then and so I didn't dare turn on any lights. Separated from a beloved friend by distance....


Christina MacDonald

A poem about someone...


Rebecca Mosher

A Selkie is a seal, who can shed its skin and become human.The most common theme in selkie folklore is one in which a cunning young man finds and steals a selkie girl's sealskin. This prevents her from returning to her home in the sea and the beautiful seal-maiden was usually forced to marry her captor. If the Selkie is never able to retrieve her seal-skin, she dies longing for the sea.


Kent Cordray

A little poem we wrote several years ago and think is very good. Gilia is the one primarily responsible for it although we colaborate in everything we do. Let us know what you think!


Haley Hoekstra