Gothic Lullaby

Gemz Holt

Again its a poem not a story but there is a story soon to follow,

Loveless Story 2 of 2

Jessica Cannon

The sequel to Loveless Story 1 of 2, where Elizabeth fled the world of the elves after being taken there to help save their lives. Back in our world, she struggles on her own until the elven Darand returns to take her back to his home. This was difficult for me to write, I eventually had to be depressed to be in the right time frame. Alas, it only takes a trigger and my -cat- died.

Alone Again

Ben Lebar

Kit Royatanka speaks of his first encounter with the man who will become his husband. This was inspired both by Scylla's story 'Fall Into Me,' and my poetry class. Rather dark, but don't worry, this entire situation has a happy ending.

Tortured Heart

Cassandre Hickinbotham

This poem is the pained thoughts of a tormented soul that knows no happiness.

The Girl With No Name

Elisabeth Jones

This just came to me. Can't say anything else except the song. I think that if you sing it right. Then 'the ballad of the wind fish' from Link's awakening is it. But it could be different for all of us. Or it could just be one harmony in the song.


Maleah Schmitke

A young woman sets out on a journey to find others like herself. On the way she gains many companions, some invited, some along for their own reasons. What she learns from these people on her travels may shape the rest of her life. Can she learn to accept that not all people are like the adoptive parents who never loved her? I've decided to put up what I have so far of my story and update whenever I add more rather than waiting until I have the full 100kb. I can't say how often updates will be, but hopefully they won't be too few and far between. Enjoy the story and please comment.

Being Alone, Being Lost

Shanna Schopmeyer

A poem I wrote when I was feeling down, it always helps to write things out.

Lost Love

Nicolei Arnold

A sad, yet heart touching, story.


Lydia Fleming

Alright... forgive me, if you will. This thing resulted out of reading Kafka. The narrator sounds a lot like the narrator I utilized in VOICE. I will warn you, this is meant to be interpreted. So much of it is symbolic that it might be a little scary (at least the first part). Also, I'd like to say I have nothing against people in the military. I know we need them and they're brave as heck to do what they do. My stand has always been that I just wish there wasn't a need for them to do what they do. I wish rights never needed the protection of guns. Still, all respect in the world to tough people. Thanks, and don't take this like an attack.


A.Kadir Bakay

Is he dreaming in death or is he dead in his dream?It doesn't change the fact that unfulfilled promises,wasted years and lost loves still haunt him merrily...By the way the latin part means,'May The Lord be with you',ironic isn't it... 01.06.2001


Lydia Fleming

Imagine a disembodied voice that is everywhere and can see things no solid person would admit to knowing. An inner voice or sorts... but different too.


Matthias-erich Born

a poem I managed to write on the spare time I had.

No Idea

Keri Keritsubo

The title should probably read 'Untitled' because I have no real idea what this is. I wrote it after writing 'A second Jennara's Poem' and 'To Patrons of the Red Dragon Inn'. I guess I was just kind of on a roll and I really don't know where this came from. But, hey, who asks the muse for something better when they've already given you something you can be satisfied with? I wouldn't... you might end up with something worse.


A.Kadir Bakay

I wrote this after I had a dream about my ex-girl,even though it had been more than four years...The last part are her own words... 25.04.2001

Amorant's Adventures - A Need for all things good (1)

Gracie Chatters

The first instalment of Amorant adventures, the tale of a famous summoner's son who is haunted by his abnormal lifestyle and the desire to find out about his deceased mother whom he never knew. What secrets will he learn on the way? This first chapter begins to set the scene for the rest of the story by telling you, the reader, of Amorant's life up until his early teens.

Empyreal Light

Shuo Chen

Not much to say...except, I took a long time looking through the HTML code and changing things here and there. Whew! Finally done! I'm glad. I hope you'll enjoy! And please comment.