Appendix B: The Provinces

Emilie Finn

A brief sketch of the founding of Lauralia and the history of the different provinces thereof.

Lady Marin's Story

Emilie Finn

This story introduces a new set of characters from a coastal village in a country to the far west of Lauralia. I call it my Louisa May Alcott story, because it's written very much in a 19th century style. Part two is in my Other Works section. (Don't ask me why this one qualifies as fantasy and part two doesn't...)

The Academy: 2

Emilie Finn

The conclusion of Karen, Veronica, Lori, and Harry's eventful final year at the Academy.


Kristy Sjostrom

This story isn't finished. Apologies for that. But so far it is about some friends of mine, fighting against another vampire clan. The fight gets so big that higher powers get involved...scary.

Demon Lord

E. Hanna

It's not what you think. I'm not some depressed teenager in black make-up who writes poems about a fanged monster ripping a village apart. This is the story of one demon who's sick of misconceptions.


Gr4nt Br4nd0n

A poem about.. Just read the dang thing!

Prologue (Version 2.0)

Joseph Gnemmi

This a redo of my other prologue.


Avery Ashlyn' Thompson

At the peek of his reign over the galaxy, Lord Tarsik is met with an unpleasant surprise when a new slave girl is brought to him.

The Last Disc

Vanessa Merritt

New upload of this story... Based on the Chinese myth 'Towers of Hanoi'. Discs have to be transferred from one disc to another, never with a larger one on top of a smaller one. When all the discs are transferred, the world ends...

One's Luck - A Short Story

Brian Cook

Well, this is my first selection on Elfwood... I just wrote it recently as well. Gives a bit of a hint of my writing style, but it's mostly just to be enjoyed. This is just a short story by the way, but perhaps I sense a reaccuring character...

Interlaced Allure

Kate Inquisition

This might be a bit difficult to understand. Its about a forest maiden, with a dark forest lord persuing her, after their long chase, she stops at a swamp, and he wraps his arms around her wait and they both fall in. He emerges, and his forest minions form two lines for him to pass through, to his dark throne, and the maiden does as well, except, her white dress is now green, brown and torn, and she is sinister in nature. They kiss, and he narrarated about his inrelenting desire to diminish innocence.

Chapter 1 of Tools of Man

David Mountney

This is the first chapter of my story. I won't deal a lot with magic until about the third chapter so please be patient. I'll try to get the next two chapters up in the next couple of weeks. For the dictionary for this story go to:

Preface for Tools of Man

David Mountney

Umm... ya this is just the preface for the story I'm writing. Hopefully more will be up soon.

False Heir: Prologue

Katie Hallahan

The prolouge of a new story called 'False Heir', about a girl named Scira and the past she never knew she had. (Thanks to Babie Anna for pointing that I spelled 'prologue' wrong!)

Northern Heaven Part One...

James McNeil

Without light, Man would not fear the darkness... But, as this is so, without darkness, Man would not covet his hours in the light. The dividing line between night and day, white and black, good and evil is a thin one, and often is the case that the two become... confused...

Therapy Session with an Undead

C. Nguyen

You meet a lot of interesting people when you're in the psychiatry business, but for Dr. Hobson, his latest patient may just take the cake.

Hall of Lorin

Jillian Kielo

This is a dumb story I wrote. It is a story (one of many) that tells tales of Kings in the lineages of these lands.

My Lord

Jennifer Meadows

A poem from Katanya to her first love Xalik.

Barron's Tale

Jillian Kielo

This is a ballad that I am working on, but it isn't finished and I can't think of anything that rhymes, so it's being put on the back burner for awhile.

Demons of Eld

Mikael Svensson

This is the tragic introduction of the demons of Eld. Once Gods.. and perhaps... once again...