Lords of the Realm

David Petrucci

A task is given to 3 lords by Embessor the god of light. This task is to rid the realm of the god of evil Settor and all his darkness has touched.


Valerie Grabski

In a time/Not so long time ago/In a kingdom/Not to far away/There lived a dragon/Of power and rage/Or so thought all the knights/Of that there fair land/And rushed to do battle

The Way Things Work

Lydia Fleming

Forgive me all of you male readers out there... *grins*

The Deciever (Introduction)

Daniel Hensey

This I am still writing. I will put the chapters up as they come. It seems to be interesting to my friends, hope it is to you too.


Kenneth Ramsay


The Very Last Days

Alexander Damien

This piece is called The Very Last Days, and is about the last days of the Dawn Age (first age in the world of CHARRIOT, my current novel) All comments are greatly appreciated too XD

Lords of the Realm - Chapter 1

Matthew Barr

And here is chapter one (or at least...the beginning of it) to that unnamed first book in the Lords of the Realm Trilogy.

Sorrow of a dead lord

Michael King

About a lost life and a lord of death.

Standard of the Greater Lords

Jillian Kielo

This is a fantacy story, one of a collection of stories, that tie in with my 'Standard'world. The exact story name is 'Deorgin's Vision and the Circle of Relife'.

Shapes are Shifting

Melissa Rust

Late at night...four paranoid teenage girls...enough said.

A Night of Storms

A.R. George

This is one of a few short stories about the early life of one of my characters. I wrote it quite late at night, so it's a bit patchy and rushed, not quite self-contained, and could do with more fleshing out in the descriptions. Someday. For anyone who's confused by all those changing names whizzing overhead, Palantas is the name of the family, Palantasi is the plural for members of the family, and Palantasa is a kind of genitive adjective (ie. 'Australian girl' -> 'girl of Australia'). The same goes for Rimairan and Rimairani. And for those worried about my grasp of biology - it takes a day or two for newborn Elves to open their eyes. Cattish, not humanish.

Eryna; Chapter One

Jennifer Nelson

Eryna Ayala is the daughter of the King of Sceotend, and against her families will she will marry the son of the neighbouring kingdom and she will save them all

True War Is Where the Soldiers Are

Cherokee Kevaan

This is something that started as a school project. I didn't really like the themes though, so I wrote this instead. It was an attempt to get into the head of one of my male characters, as I always struggle to write them with any accuracy! Anyways, this if from Lyan's viewpoint, as he talks to the angel Azaran, who appears to him as he breathes his last.

Lords of the Swords (Song)

Klaus Sphinx' Zepf

During one of our Earthdawn-roleplaying campaigns we came up with several in-jokes, such as rl-music groups turned fantasy. I liked the concept very much and so I wrote a complete song for my favorite Earthdawn-band. It is based on the song 'Lords of the boards' by the 'Guano Apes', which we turned in-game into 'Guano Orks' with all Orks as band-members. ;)

Dark Lords

Serena Arythusa

I just rhought this up in 2 seconds. So it's not that good. I suck at poetry lol. It's kind of a concept in my story though.

Gutter Fish

Julian 'Llos' Greene

I had to write this story for my Literature class in Grade 10. I really just whipped it off, even faster than I did the English story, 'Forgotten.' A bit more background to this is needed, I guess. The assignment called for me to write an excerpt from the beginning of a chapter that is supposed to belong to a literature era, with the choices being: Victorian, Elizabethan, Romantascist, And something else. I chose Victorian, which it is claimed Charles Dickens was the embodiment of. So, the lord and lady are not there only to attempt to mock the upper class, but to attempt to mock my highschool principal (A Mr. Livingstone. I bear no liking towards that man, I'm afraid) by making the lord have similar characteristics, and the model industry via the lady. Written by: Julian Greene with Harold Worthington, and possibly Bentwood Wentworth the III


James Anderson

A rather scary meeting.

Playing fair

Shiri Kc Burdette

This short Sci-fi story is a scene from a book I started to write but backed off it a long time ago, so this peice became an individual story that kinda contains all that u need to know, but as a further description and a bit o info I will tell ya whats happening: a while back there was collapse in a solarsystem (supernova) called the milkyway, earth was insinuated but the explosion was so powerfull that it actually infused whole dimentions together, and a commet (that was set off from the sun) caused a big hole through the dimensions, like a sewing needle and through that hole the contents of other dimentions (people houses stuff cars ect ect) began pouring into eachother, after a while the fusion cooled down but there where still places with gaps in them. anyhoo the characters find themselves beseiged by barbarians somehow and oh just read :)

Crimson Regrets

Anna Routt

I wrote this story a while ago, but I recently rewrote it to make a bit better. This is only chapter one, but chapter two is coming soon! Basically, this takes place on a world called Mirthne, where lords and Dragon Tamers are battling for control. As the lords break out their deadliest weapon, the Dragon Tamers must find a way to counter it before it spells the extinction of all dragon-kind.

Delia's Dragon

Victoria Imperiatrix' Massey

I wrote this for a short-story assignment for my English class . . . I was very unsatisfied with the ending, so when I prepared it for this site, I chopped it off, and it's going to be different . . . somehow. I'm not precisely sure where this is going, so bear with me!