The Wizard and the Raven*

Amber Silver

This is a poem I wrote after I was inspired by the amazing Jay W. B. Hildybrant. Please see his picture of the same name HERE. Thanks for the inspiration, Jay!!! Updated: October 18th: A newer version that I think is much better!

Godhunter Part XI: Chances

Jake Diebolt

The Godhunter and Imril have reached the shores of the Bast Sea. While the Godhunter plans his next move against the Sky Lords, Arin and the Dirge move ever closer, the seer Casia guiding them. I apologize for the lateness of this one. Computer crash and schoolwork formed an unholy alliance against my once-a-month timetable.

Legend of the Firebird

Kelsie Elizabeth

This is a tale based around the mythology of the Russian firebird. It's not really set in Russia, but who's counting? March 2003 6 pgs

A Gift for Maggie

Kelsie Elizabeth

This is a little story I wrote, somewhat inspired by 'A Glory of Unicorns' by Bruce Coville, which I recommend to all fantasy lovers. It doesn't really fit into any existing categories, so I did my best classifying it :) The plot's a little...nonexistent, but I enjoyed writing it, and I hope you feel the same while reading it. November 2002 2 pgs

The Troubadour

Linda Tucker

A wandering bard heads to the east and meets a beautiful slave girl with a talented voice. Together, they sing an ancient tale before the members of a crowded inn and discover that they are amazing together, in more ways than one. Inspired by the song 'Once Upon a Troubadour' by Nightwish.

Doppelgänger’s Work

Brandi Madle

Normal doppelganger lore states that when your dopperganger crosses your path it means the end of your life is upon you. Well, in this poem I take that a step further and the doppelganger takes over his doubles life after bringing about the man's death himself.

The Legend of the DreadLady

Dacia Glauz

The most well known legend of this fabled creature of lore, as told in the words of the storyteller, Aldon..........

Godhunter Part X: Nemeses

Jake Diebolt

The Godhunter, reeling from his memory storm and desperate for a god to slay, advances upon the Season Wheel at the heart of winter.Meanwhile, St. Arin has plans for Casia Onestar, the Godhunter's sister. But as always, winter has its own agenda.

The Ice Shadows: Chapter 1

Maria Martins

For years, humans have sought for the precious and jewels underneath the earth, murdering their own blood and flesh for a chance to hold a glittering diamond, or a glittering sapphire. But these humans have found a frozen land far across the seas where the jewels regenerate in the mines...but they weren't the first to set foot on the isolated wastelands of ice and snow - and now - they've come across a native enemy of the cold icelands that is something between ice and human, giving a rise to the Ice Shadow Hunters and a war for survival.

The Ice Shadows: Chapter Two

Maria Martins

Prince Ashmeir, an Ice Shadow and a deviant among his people, battles his responsibilties against the yearning for freedom in his heart - and starts a journey towards the unspoken mysteries of the humans and their ways.

The Rising Darkness.html

Christopher LaForest

All right! Here goes!This is the prologue of a book (or series) I've had in my head since I was fifteen. I just wrote it. I'm tired of saying "I'll do it later on, when I have time" or other such excuses! It's time to WRITE! Keep in mind that, like many of you, I'm just starting out. Please be very critical of my writing. There's too much pandering on this site. If you think it sucks, say so. But tell me why.If you think it's great, please tell me, but again... please tell me why. I want to get better and I hope the community can help me. I'd love to help you, too.If you want me to read your stuff, please leave a comment or send a message. :)ENJOY!!!

the bunch

michael john

poem of a  being  who takes form as a magic parceland is somehow gifted with aesthetic senses

Forest of Faeries

Andrew Rice

A short story about Emily Thatcher and her struggle to be happy.

When Dragons Fly (1 of 2)

Laura Weber

The tale of a young boy in a medieval land where Fantasy is nothing more than fiction, and the dreams that come of it. Okay. Here it goes: This is a first draft, again, and hasn't been edited on account that it is fresh off the block, again. It's based on a character that I play, and although I had an oh-so-great idea of what was going to happen in this thing, I don't think that it is coming out quite so gloriously. Heh. Isn't that always how it works out? Anyway, this baby was intended to be a short story, and I know exactly what I have in mind for climax... but it got kind of lengthy, and I cut it in half just for the sake of having something up... the end/story-plot part of it will come when I get it written and uploaded. Comments and critisism are more than welcome, as always.

Prologue: Day of the Bleeding Sun

JY Bradford

Exodus is the first book in the Exiles & Tyrants series. This introductory narrative focuses on the wanderings of the army of the sons of Farar. When King Tána’s sequestered foster-daughter Sóetha, and his estranged champion Dul betray his trust they find themselves hard in flight from the Hound, Tána’s most lethal henchman. Together with Dul’s brothers, Òrmolc and Bórda, as well as the warriors and families that band around them, they set out in search of refuge from their former lord’s wrath. Fugitives, they find that home is a place not so easily remade while they are pursued through all manner of peril by the unrelenting Hound and dogged by the destructive portents surrounding Sóetha’s imminent beauty.Contiue the saga, view original artwork, and even contribute your own artistic influence at The World of Éi awaits...

The Fallen Moon Part 2

Jake Diebolt

After the attack on the Grimhand farm, Broon the Immortal follows the Preacher to the chapel, hoping to foil the rest of G'rell's plans. Captain Gregg and Sylva Grimhand head back to Sorrowdale, completely unprepared for what they might find there...Like the last entry in this series, this one reads more like a chapter than a short story on its own; I'll be trying to update more frequently to avoid too many cliffhangers!

Secrets Sleep Beneath the Soil

Natalia Kostylev

My friend and once-publisher (I did book cover art for her) Clara Gerl had an e-zine called Faerytales. Faerytales was short a story. Celtic lore chick to the rescue! I wrote this as a chapter of a story just for Faerytales, and haven't looked at it one's asked me to continue it and I haven't felt like it, so...:::shrugs:::


Emily Kirsch

A rather morbid tale. Perhaps Edgar Allen Poe's bird has paid me a visit! Thank you, Jo, for helping me with it!

Myndd Glenvale Chapter 2

Esther Yu

The second installment of the legend of our brave outnumbered heroes!! Bwhahahaha blood blood....erm, excuse me. Yes. Well, the second part. If you haven't read the first, you won't understand a word of it!

Waking Nightmare

AC Bamblett

A short, improvisational story about magic.