Adinor's Loss

Leonard Kim

A lover's rage flares...and the grief never dies.

She, Perfection, Not Mine

Kerry Chorvat

This story is about how elves love and live... how I think they do anyway.

Sinner's Song Ch. 2

Crystal´-una´ Rodriguez

Continuing after 1. (i'm so good at these intros at the moment aren't I? ~blushes~)

Fall of a Sparrow (For Emily)


Romance... I've never been very good at writing it, I fear. My internal monitor has a low tolerance for it, though perhaps this simply means that I am a sap and heart and trying to fight it, who knows. Stories with 'story book romances' tend to annoy me. I do like unusual love stories, though, especially when they are only a single part of a greater tale and yet manage to hold their own. I also love the ever-so-rare and elusive platonic loves, but that has little to do with the following. This is a romance, or a piece of one at any rate. Most romances center around two people meeting and falling in love. This is a bit different. There is also a lot of background that has been left out intentionally. This makes the tale very experimental, and yet I hope it works. Critiques and suggestions are very welcome.Yes, Em, I wrote this for you. Yes, it is about the Sparrow you know. 

The Mourning (a poem)

David Daumit

This poem was inspired by many visits to an Irish pub, where I listened to acoustic and electric renditions of authentic Irish and Celtic songs. The most memorable of these songs for me were those dealing with war, death, and/or the loss of a loved one. So evolved this, my own take on an Irish folk song...

To My William

Elise Cannon

In my integrated studies course we had to write a letter to someone special that was about one moment in our life. This letter means a lot to me and was very hard to write.


Cerhiunnhn Faldhl

I'm afraid my cousin might ... is this how I would feel? Detached from the world? Alone, surrounded by so many people? If someone I loved hurt themselves...

Fighting In Ebony

Amanda Hopkins

After the great battle between two kingdoms, the heroes begin the long journey home. Could be a prequel, could be nothing. Who knows? Don't forget to comment!

The Parting

Jessica Douglas

This is a short story, sort of a summary of Roland and becoming a vampire. Much has changed in the stories since I wrote this... but I still like it.

The Strength of Cassion Prologue

Amy Ames´ Perkins

This is the prologue to a story that I have not yet finished. It concerns my main character and actually explains many of her actions in other writings that i've started. It's meant to be cryptic. I've made some of the changes suggested, they're minor, wording issues. This may also be reworked and rewritten, or I may include an alternate point of view version in a different story/flashback. Haven't quite decided. I refuse to tell you who these characters are. But you can guess =D

Words of a Ghost

Juan III

Poem of a recently created ghost, unaccepting of the fate that he has been dealt.

The Tree Nymph

Anniina Jokinen

True Memory (p)

Jonathon Parker

An introspective of Tempest, a character in Endless Dance, my novel.


David Watson

This story is of a girl who inherits magical items and the effect that they have on her life.

Loruiel's Quest Prologue

Jackie Blanchette

a girl who believes in her world and the man she loves, has to deal with a huge change in her life


Jessa Loder

Inspired by lyrics... 'Gold fills hands, or is it sand? / The same that covers everything. / Where cities stood, soon deserts found / now sink beneath the swelling ground' -Five Iron Frenzy-

The Statue

Nick Foster

A woman is distraught when her partner dies, leaving an evil presence in their house

The Struggle Chapter 4: Death

Michael Bloome

He second guesses his choices

Torn Souls:Chapter Two

Randall Ewing

The doppleganger comes, trapping Xixisnant Ael'taes's new ally.

Always Together


heh... I guess this what could be considered a classic tragedy. Boy and girl are in love, girl loses boy, kills self. Kind of like Romeo and Juliet now that I think about it.