Maze of Bodies

Cherie Duarte

This story is basically about a maze of bodies that an elf girl, a human boy and his classmates encounter. They travel through the maze, each group separated, and come to certin fates.

A Beginning...

Clayton McFarland

Just a piece that I was working on, and probobly won't get finished. It is only here because I needed to have one piece ready to finish signing up. More will be ready soon, and if it's liked, I may finsh this one. You never know.

A Witch's Fate Prologue & Chapter One

Crystel Redknap

Prologue: The History of Madgarou and the tale of Queen Mora of Neveah. Chapter One: Introducing Alassea Keszult, descended of the great Queen Mora.

A Witch's Fate ~ Chapter Eight

Crystel Redknap

Alassea leaves Mondoria to return home.


Kristina Cookson

I wrote this as a 9th grade english class assignment. Yes, I know the ending is kinda sketchy. Honestly, I don't know what happened to Evan. If anybody has any ideas for me, they would be very much appreciated.

Goblin Girls

Laura Peregrin

This is a goblin love story. It is written for my fiance, because it's his fault really - he dared me, said that there couldn't be a goblin love story. Well here it is...

An Elfin Tale ~ Chapter Four

Crystel Redknap

Linea does a favour for Erwren.

An Elfin Tale ~ Chapter Eleven

Crystel Redknap

Linea leaves Curust to continue her destiny.

A Witch's Fate ~ Chapter Four

Crystel Redknap

Alassea travels with Cian through Neveah and into Mondoria.

The Princess and the Dragon

Kent Cordray

This is a short story which we wrote in eighth grade and reedited in ninth. We think it is sun but is not at all serious. It is mostly just some silly fun and hopefully you will enjoy it. Gilia is primarilly responsible for this one.

The Silver Feather(Chapter 3)

Christina Corneli

The youthful Elf is given the eternal gift of a Silver Phoenix�s feather, this has been passed down, apprentice after a apprentice till it falls into the hands, quite literally, of the one person, who can lead a army in to darkness, and erase all the hate between the races

Prelude to a Storm

Cornell Johnson

This story is about how my universe was created and sets the stage for The Ascenscion Chronicles: Book 1 Darkstorm on the Horizon.

The Elements: The Power of Four: Chapter 1

Connie Chen

This first chapter of the Elements. In which the Four Elements meet.

The Elements: The Power of Four: Prologue

Connie Chen

The Prologue of a story about 4 teenagers who must unite as the Elements to defeat a dark and ancient evil!

Merinov Saga: IV - The Lost Sister

Andrew Corner

The final story in the arc, and shamefully, the shortest. It depicts the final two characters in the line of Merinov, fully introducing the family historian, Nala, who becomes a member of the Psionicists, and her brother, Rhuld, who continues the Paladin family history. I fully intend to work and improve the quality of all four stories: Dark Day, Yellowed Letter, Longest Knight, and Lost Sister. I welcome any and all comments and suggestions to do so.

Miss Hashby

Janelle Whitehead

Immogene Hashby is to find a suiter, Charlie is a lifelong friend that loves her too much to realize it, and even if he did figure it out, he'd have the competition of elves, wizards, fairies, and other magical creatures. Please help me finish this! ...Or just push me to finish it. Thanks!

Sacrifice: Chapter Eight

Sandra Dang

It's a romance fic of a Prince and a daughter of a Duke, but the love is forbidden.

Prologue: Dryad

Dana Caldwell

A little story I wrote when I was infatuated with this guy who had NO interest in me. It was kinda a launching pad for a much more complex story.

Sacrifice: Chapter Fourteen

Sandra Dang

It's a romance fic of a Prince and a daughter of a Duke, but the love is forbidden.

Sacrifice: Chapter Three

Sandra Dang

It's a romance fic of a Prince and a daughter of a Duke, but the love is forbidden.