Freddy and The Watermelon

Annie Rings

If you start to read this story, please finish it. I know it isn't the greatest, but am damned proud of it. It was created as an entry into marcon, but I never got a response from them, so... oh, and vampire watermelons are based of a real myth, but strays pretty far from the real ideas.

Baron of Sanwick: The Spirit at Fergus Castle


The first 'Baron of Sanwick' story, this can be read as a stand-alone, or in conjunction with other stories in this series. Sanwick is a made up town in Northern Scotland.

A Horror Story

Simon Pettersson

Here's my first short story ever. I'm usually too lazy to finish anything this long, but for once I did. The illustration is made by me, and can be found in my art gallery (or it's in the queue). Very much inspired by H. P. Lovecraft, whose works I recently discovered. Hope you like it.

In Deep Kelp

Ashley Wynn

This is part of my first-ever art trade. :D Based on a picture by Kristina 'Aryana' Weiss. 'Trapped!'

The Shadow Over Grainfield

Earl Wynn

I 've lived in little towns like Grainfield my entire life, and what a lot of people don't realize is that they all have their own little dark secrets.

17 Daemons

Zachary Lome

Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft and P.M. Dawn/Chris Carter's 'If You Never Say Goodbye.' A man at a monastery discovers something horrible...

Check, Please

James Bowers

I wrote this story quite a while ago, but the Creative Writing class I took in the autumn of 2000 gave me a reason to dig it up, dust it off, and clean it up. I turned it in as my seventh assignment. This, too, was published in the 2001 edition of 'The Prairie Fire'

A Tale of Lovecraftian Comedy

Mark Sherry

Earlier the day I started this story, I had read an article on how NOT to write Lovecraftian fiction. That evening, I decided to try and break as many of those rules as possible. I don't think I actually got around to breaking any, but here's the result. Originally, I was planning to have The Book go globe trotting with the monsters chasing it, but didn't get around to it. Here's the story, enjoy!

I Forget Sometimes ,You See...

Natalia Kostylev

A friend and I were discussing dreams and such, and I'd told her about a dream I had a long time ago, and she said 'Wow...sounds very HP Lovecraft.' And, since she really likes HP Lovecraft, I wrote her a little vignette inspired by his stories as part of her graduation present. Enjoy. Oh, and a note...there's punctuation missing in some places. I *know* this. Those are the parts where the character starts babbling non-stop. If you get confused, try reading it out loud for effect.

The Something, Chapter 2

Leah Cerveny

The continued trials of Josh, and his date with a fate weaver. A mystery with a H.P. Lovecraft twist. More chapters to follow

The Something, Chapter 1

Leah Cerveny

The first chapter does not have any fantasy in it. However the following chapters do. A storyteller at heart I tend to be character driven. As a result I have characters that are reoccuring. This story stars my favorite gothic character, Josh. This story is a mystery with a twist of H.P. Lovecraft.

You're Home

Morgan Grover

This poem was written a while back in memory of my favorite bass player: Cliff Burton. You can get more info about him with a simple google search. That aside, he was a big fan of H.P. Lovecraft and so am I. I tried to give some of the lines in this poem that Lovecraftian feel, mainly the 5th & 6th stanza.

After Dark

Lance Greenlee

On the world of Kattal, things are falling apart.  If you want to survive, swear to the Pact, and don't go out after dark.  If you are ever out late, don't listen to the voices!


Robert Hazelton

After intentionally botching a job, an assassin tries to find redemption though it turns out the trail may lead to a place far darker than she thought possible.

The Account of Lord Salthor

Michael McCloskey

Disaster is the result when a young and untried commander leads his men against an ancient evil.

London Descended

E Dawson

The dark, foggy Victorian London of the past never passed away, it can still be found if you are willing to descend into the darker reaches of Hell. Noone knows what dark crime caused its damnation, yet stll it draws those who seek into its depths.