Julian 'Llos' Greene

This poem is dedicated to my friends, past, present, as well as future.

Forest Music- Chapter 3

Samantha Odber

A continuation- this chapter is not finished... life temporarily in the way =P

Only An Idiot Would Hate This Story

Meghan Brownjohn

Larissa wrote that on this story after I crumpled it up and threw it in the garbage. This is another story she rescued and kept, and I realized I liked after all. But I have a horrible habit of leaving cliffhangers....argh...

Dragon Knight

Lindsy Smigel

Ok I know stories of dragons and knights isn't exactly original, but this story was going to be for a RPG I was going to contribute to. It never got off it's feet, but I had made this story to go along with one of the professions.

The Satyr Queen: VII

Mike Prescott

I love Hish. I think its his name. And how he tries to be a good friend even when he's a little gruff. Good man. Hope he's not dead! Rifka too...

The Call Of the Brotherhood

Colin Haynes

A clan of wolves try and survive the impending threat of humans as well as that of a rival clan. However, they have a secret weapon of their own

The Academy: 1

Emilie Finn

The tale of four students in their last year at the Lauralian Teaching Academy. This story takes place about ten years before The Eve of Meladrin. Continued in installment two.

The Dreamer's Tale

Shawn Reed

Perhaps some of you wonder how the title has anything to do with the story... Well, this was originally a project I did for a composition class in high school. We needed to write a story in the fashion of a noted artist. I chose the only well-known medieval age writer. I consider myself a dreamer. Thus, this is the story I told.

Crystal of the Elements: Chpt. 3- Two Deadly Poisons

Katherine Logan

The long awaited next chapter! Senshi's wounds may be more serious than they appear...

Questions of Loyalty - One

Adrienne Romani

After a long Leave of Absence following the events of Elite Deception, Leawyn Brock returns to base only to find herself in a huge spot of trouble...


Allison Starkweather

I did this for my creative writing class last semester. It had to be a narrative story--no dialogue. Not my preferred style, since dialogue is one of my strengths, but I'm happy with how it turned out.

Snippet: Colin & Ellena

Emilie Finn

A snippet about Colin and Queen Ellena. This takes place some time after Wyvern's Project One.

Gambling Rose

Jennifer OConnor

Written at 2 am... be nice.

To Build a Family

ME Burnham

A man lost his family in a tragic mistake, condemning him to a life of loneliness and shame. However, a series of chance happenings propel Gracin into a role he never expected. Note: In Gracin's society the head of the household is addressed as ‘Lord’, if the head of house has adult sons they are all ‘Master’. Note 2: Botaen are hominoids that have developed a photosynthetic layer in their skin—resulting in a green tint. Generians are the closet thing to human living in this world—no photosynthesis and very little ‘extraordinary’ features. Happy reading!


Emma Taylor

I tend to have writing sprees where i have to write what's in my head or i'll lose it forever. This is one which came out of nowhere. I'd like to know what you think, so i know whether to pursue it or to follow a different road!

Botzernic: The story of a caretaker slave

Mandy Elliott

This is the story of a caretaker of Botzernic who was enslaved and the trial that put the depth of her loyalty and trust to the test. I try to put relative information on Botzernic in each story of it, but to truly grasp the world, you should read 'Botzernic.' It is a world that my twin and I made. I have her permission to post anything about it I wish. The character 'speaking' in this story is my creation. In this story, a slave formerly of the Nahilliote' recalls how she got the burn scars that cover more than two thirds of her body and what they really mean. This story is meant to be emotional and in depth into the character's mind.

Trinity (poem)

Nike aka LadyMin

This is a poem I wrote for the Knight and the Poet, back at a time when it was only the three of us. What can be said about them and us? They are my family. We live all in different corners of the world, but we are very close. We are writing stories together via the Internet, joining our talents and imagination. They are a part of my soul.

New Life from Ashes: Teldrelie's Story

ME Burnham

This is the backstory of a minor character that appears about a quarter way through New Life from Ashes. I really liked him when he made his appearance, so I used him as an excuse to do some world building. Enjoy the tiny window into elfin society that doesn't travel around in caravans!

The Satyr Queen: V

Mike Prescott

I love this idea. I thought, hmm...what would the king of the earth people be like? 

The Rogues of Circa- Part 1


Re-rendered story! i fixed the spelling and the other stuff! It's about a girl- Kiama the Wildcat! Kinda old now but still not finished! Leave comments!