A Vampire's Lust (poem)

Mike Caravella

This is the first poem that i EVER wrote, i showed it to my friend and they loved it, so i decided to write more, and came up with some good ones that can be found at my personal library. Dedicated to my peeps at Fantasy. LU

Sirenous Serenade

Elizabeth Steen

There is a beautiful mermaid image I found for this poem. You can find her at 2nd down on left

Gothic Lullaby

Gemz Holt

Again its a poem not a story but there is a story soon to follow,

Interlaced Allure

Kate Inquisition

This might be a bit difficult to understand. Its about a forest maiden, with a dark forest lord persuing her, after their long chase, she stops at a swamp, and he wraps his arms around her wait and they both fall in. He emerges, and his forest minions form two lines for him to pass through, to his dark throne, and the maiden does as well, except, her white dress is now green, brown and torn, and she is sinister in nature. They kiss, and he narrarated about his inrelenting desire to diminish innocence.


Charles Trowbridge

This is a perfect example of why authers shouldent be rushed. I know I can go back and change it...but...I'm not in love with this peice like i was when i first wrote and, and if i did go back and change it so that it all fit one tense i'd end up draining all of the emotion.

The Shadows of Xavier

Nicolei Arnold

Most everyone believes that they are protected by a guardian angel, but it's different when it comes to this man. Xavier has six shadows that guard his life with tooth and nail.

The Artist

Nicolei Arnold

My friends and I have weird experiences. This particular friend has a strange ability to...well go ahead and read the story. Like I'd tell you!


Lindsey Cotman

Eh... basically a vampire was making out with his human girlfriend too close to dinnertime. Poor girl didn't stand a chance...

Fanged Kiss

Shuo Chen

*stares at screen stupidly* How shall I introduce this? Just--read and hopefully, enjoy.

My Mourning

Shaun Ingamells

Its a poem about a vampyre guy that craves and needs the love a human girl. They finally get together but at what cost?...

Mate Not By Choice

Trine Andersen

a vampire tells a mortal about how he seduce his victims

Delilah's Prophecy- Chapter One

Laura Lowes

Thanatos is a dark knight and he's about to be sent on a mission to retrieve King Marquiste's next bride. But retrieval isn't easy, Princess Liyana is being held captive by a dragon called Steele and then there's the fact that he expects to be asked to rid the king of his latest bride as he has had to do with the others and after their long journey back to the palace....well things aren't the same and choices have to be made.

aRe We InSaNe?

Sue Kim

This is a little poem that encompasses a lot of things. Love. Vampirism. Lust. Hopelessness. Emotional spirituality. Hope you like it!

No Need to Promise

Ingrid Atkinson

Adonis is just a sweet young boy . . . Right? Part of the Children section of The Perfect Gamble.

Unchained Melody

Ingrid Atkinson

The power of music.

Science Fiction Story

Carmel Shachar

This story is a little intense...I'm not pronouncing judgement on any races/nationalities/etc...I'm just writing about humanity...

The Siren's Calling

Kate Inquisition

This is about a Siren who sinks a ship of men by singing (pretty standard)but then ironically feels remorse afterward for the lives she's wasted. (6.4.03)

The hated love of a parasite

Georgina Gilbert

Phantasy As Wrought By Feral Lust


Looking back on my poetry written in the past year, I'm sensing a definite theme. Love, blood and subtle sex. This poem, albeit serious in nature, is underlined by my current abhorration for 'gothic poetry.' Really, these themes get played out too much. :) Don't worry, this is a fairly clean one.


Karl Boivin

... ... I wonder ... What do you think ?