Through Wolf's Eyes 1.0

Jeff Burke

A study in characters...had to upload it in two parts. I warn you it is NOT complete yet, and its quite long.


Peter Steffe

My first real delve into creative writing, this story, though far from perfect, still remains my personal favourite. It's written from the perspective of a werewolf and in essence it's all about him telling the story of being bitten, his first transformation and what happened to his life as a result of his 'curse' to an un-named listener.

Golden Brown - Chapter 1: A bad feeling

Diana Piedade

The story of three siblings bound by the magic running through their veins but torn apart by the magic outside their world.

Crimson Night - Prologue

Michael Jones

A prologue to something I have started to write, first chapter will be up shortly. Enjoy!

Tiger's Tale - Chapter 2

Leah Kresl


Of Blood, earth, and fire

Rob Miller

A new story I'm working on, dont know where I'm going with it, but I'll get there eventually...if the moderators of elfwood dont kill me first!

Tiger's Tale

Leah Kresl

This is the story of Iron Tiger, a dragon/tiger panwere. In the darkness of the shadow of a cult called the Hybrus who kidnap lycans, or weres, will she be able to light the way out?

Project Life (unoffical book name) prologue

Candace Bergmann

 story of a girl named Naveah racing through life as one of the damned forced to reconnect with her past and save the vampire race. the story begins in the 1800's when Navaeh was still mortal.

Sangre Falls

Sandra Madera

Alexis Adeluna has a secret... She is a vampire. While exploring one of her favorite haunts, she finds a body and discovered a gift she never knew she had. She can see the dead. Now, she can't rest until she finds the killer.

Chapter 1 part 1

Zeina Ibrahim

this is the first chapter following the prologue of my hopefully soon to be novel...all your constructive criticism is muchly appreciated

War Zone

Zeina Ibrahim

This is an essay for my english pre. I really like how it turned out given i only had an hour to write it.

Cedar Vale: Project Lycanthropis 1.5

Jacob Bowdin

For those who have read Cedar Vale: Project Lycanthropis, this is not a sequel. It is a highly overhauled version, with about 1.5 pages of *new* stuff. The story itself is much unchanged in the plot, just told in a different way. I think it is worth re-reading, but I do apologize, for it is rather long. -Thanks to all who commented and critiqued, especially Mandy who really helped to have me give this story its needed overhaul ^_^ Sorry Sophie... I left the clichés...

Dark Sands - Part 1

Laura Ellis Jones

The start of a tale of a shape-shifter's run from everything so that she may find herself again.

Blood - Sequel to The First Lesson

Nicholas Blandford

Those of you who read The First Lesson might be in for a little bit of a surprise, as this one took a completely different tone from it. I still recommend reading the prequel before this one, as it gives a lot of background. To be brief, this piece takes place a few years after The First Lesson, and is told from the viewpoint of Kyrre as she comes of age. Things are about to change for her, and we're not just talking about her age.

Curse of the Immortals: End of the Eternal - Prologue

Chris 'Araloki'

The war between the Immortals of the Guardian Order and the Fiends of Chaos has stretched from ancient past to modern day, but will this last, deciding battle reveal the Immortal Kin to mortals, and end a thousand eons of secrecy?

Through Wolf's Eyes 1.5

Jeff Burke

The second half of chapter 1. Sorry it got deleted and lost all the comments. Tell me if you really like any of the characters.

Darkfall - One

Brandy Jackson

Okay, I made a few changes, not really connecting the Prologue to this one, but you catch on that it's still the same story a bit towards 3. . .lol 'Jagged Dagger' is my link, I'll work on expanding that :D

Lycan's Curse of Love CH1

Rhianna Joyner

Not sure how to describe this really, lets just say that studying history and a recent battle with my beliefs has inspired some thoughts and a new book, here is the first chapter and prologue have a look.

Memoir of A Broken Heart - Chapters 1 & 2

Tawny Marlowe

A tale of love, and of loss. She, a mere human girl, attending a college. He, a Lycan; not wolf, but Shifter. They are from different worlds, but they find love one fateful night, the one night that forever ties their destinies together.

Maple Den Drive

Morgan Grover

I have recently updated / edited / and fleshed out this story and successfully sold it to Scourge (a dark fiction lit journal). At this point i have no idea when it will be put into print, I will be sure to let those of you who are interested know. I have kept the rights to keep this draft here.