The Dark Man

Shawn Reed

This is one of my favorite poems I've written. The other doesn't fit in the genre of sci-fi/fantasy. Oh, also, to note- the rhythm on this poem is rather flexible. The idea has occurred to me that it would make great lyrics for a very heavy metal-style song. Should you think 'Hey, these WOULD make good lyrics.' go ahead and let me know.

Aenaea Laem

Mary Martin

This is an elven song from my novel-in-progress, one that's important to one of the half elven main characters, Tromesk Drehanta. It's written both in Selteran (elven) and in English.

The First Comment Theme Song

Taelor Skinner

I have been putting '=sings first comment theme song=' on stuff instead of the dance,and so finally got around to writing one.Sorry for any possible errors,I didn't spell check it.It's kind of bad,but the point is humor,so it works.I personally like,hope you do too.^.^

Morgana le Fay

Emily Carding-Allen

This song used to be all 'la dee da, I'm so evil', but I've now re-written it completely to give the audience an insight into her motivations. Once all she wanted was revenge, now everything she does is for her son, Mordred...

Changing Moon

Kat McGrath

A full moon rises. A tribe celebrates the coming change with a song. This was written as a song for a group of friends in a LARP I play in; they play a tribe lycanthrope characters. Ideally it would be sung with an accompanying slow drum beat although it gets pretty spirited half way through it.

The Question - Iron Virgin torture

Anne-Céline Jacquemont

These are lyrics. Not the best ones i've written, but, however, i like them. This is about a young girl (me, here) who's condemned to the Iron Virgin, a cruel way of killing prisoner in the medieval times.. Erzebet Bathory, the autrichian countess used it to kill the virgin girls in whom blood she wanted to bath... :) For more information, take a look at this (in french)

Holy War

Shawn Reed

Ok, first thing's first- I wrote this as lyrics to a song. More specifically, this is meant to be a rock/heavy metal song, though I have no way of coming up with the instrumental part. You should, hopefully, feel the pulse of the rhythm... and if anyone is capable, and would actually like to use the lyrics, feel free to contact me about it.

Do You See?

Emily Carding-Allen

Mordred seeks recognition from his father, as Lancelot leaves,but to no avail...he dies in his mother's arms...(Yes, I know, not the original story. This is OUR version!)

Unga Rap

Nathaniel Miller

Another FILK Lyric Set for a Best Friend whose an Systems Engineer so we did Vanilla Ice (Ninja Rap: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2) (User Note)


Anne-Céline Jacquemont

Lyrics (again?)..;-) these are one of the first fantasy lyrics i've written. They're part of a concept album about a scottish warrior who's undertaking a journey through seas and oceans to rejoin the death island in order to see his friends... This song is about the end of the storm.

Crying Skies

Anne-Céline Jacquemont

The last lyrics i'm putting on Wyvern. These ones are about death. Just about death...

Natural Throne

James Turner

This song came to me during a roleplaying session online, I wanted a song that represented travelling. The story behind this song is of a small army of brave men, who for 10 long years have been away from their forest home in defence of those they love, or something along those lines, I am never quite sure ...

Before Today

Emily Carding-Allen

I am currently writing the lyrics for arock opera based on Arthurian Legend, and I thought I would include some on here for people to have a look at, and let me know what you think. This one is just after the wedding of Arthur and Guinevere, and Lancelot has left the party to try and come to terms with his feelings...

One fine day

Emily Carding-Allen

Another lyrical excerpt from'Enchanted', this is where Morgana approaches the maiden Elaine, who has been cursed to remain in isolation in her tower until she is loved by a true knight. Morgana offers her a way out, but she must disguise herself as Guinevere...


Laura Engler

This poem was a real stretch, a challenge to write. Psuedo song lyrics on what it's like to become a vampire.

Magic Bologna Ride

Nathaniel Miller

Lyrics based on Steppen Wolf Magic Carpet Ride for a Filk for a ex gf/best friend

Unga Blues

Nathaniel Miller

Another Filk based on Yellow Stain Blues from the Caine Mutiny. Fred Mac Murray May Wynn for Systems Engineer friend.

Auto-Pilot(song lyrics)

Zachary Lome

Umm... yeah... thanks to Mernstie, for helping me, n'stuph. It's weird. ^_^

Nothing could change

Anne-Céline Jacquemont

Lyrics again and again. Galy was a great faery, but she's been declined by Medb the queen of the faeries 'coz she fell in love with a mortal man and told her the secrets of the Blessed Islands (read a Faery Encyclopaedia, Galy's not real, but Medb and the Blessed Islands are :) !) The young faery, hopeless, is going to die, alone...

Far Off Plains

Kyle Wilkins

Lyrics to love song of Telegar and Ulas in 'Chronicles I: The Telegar Wind Story'