Project KAGJ

Emily Grist

I finally finished editing this! It's all shiny and new now ^_^ Have a read, I think it's way better and more clear. This story is set in present time. Not future.

Palace Macabre Ch.4

H. Coyne

We tour the strange house and meet Lucrece: 'She was regal, beautiful and severe, like the blade of an artisan's sword'.

Palace Macabre Ch. 2

H. Coyne

Anya arrives at the island and the wondrously strange house and glimpses a few of its mysterious inhabitants.

A Pointless Death

Katrina Constantine

Ironically, some stories seem to come to me at the most inappropriat times. This story came to me when I was suffering through a church service. Figuires that I would be thinking about death and Dying when the pastor is preaching joy and salvation. Anyway, I personally think this is my best story.

The Time Traveler and the Machine

Carol McFarlane

This short story is a Dialogue, and should be read as such. It is part of a larger story I am writing, but have no fear, it was made to be read by itself. It is my furturistic vision of consciousness, love and sex. It is also a representation of how I feel about my husband.

There is always some time left

Marius Ernst

I wrote this in a bit of an angry and upset mood, in a very short time (2 and a half hours from idea to upload). Accordingly it's quite short. That's all I can say about it, except that there is always some time left...

Mercury III: part four


A few important notes about this part: 'Tempson shield' is a made up term inspired by real-life Faraday shields, which are too complicated to explain, Google it if you really wanna know. As there doesn't seem to be an 'official' term for a group of dragons (there are all sorts of variations), I, THE ANGLER HAVE DECREED that in all stories hereafter (all of mine, anyway) they shall be known as 'a scream of dragons'. Hell yeah. ^^ Also, I had to answer the mystery of the mist, for purposes of not having an ending that sucked (although that still remains to be seen...) Sooorry! It was unavoidable! Don't hurt me, Panu!! *runs away*

Dragon Hunting

Heaven Benford

In the future a prototype time machine has been made. It fell into the wrong hands and the creators as well as many wonderful aspects of our future have dissapeared.

The War Machine -- Section 1

Brittany Zayas

This is Section 1 of a 3-Section story that was originally meant to be a short story. It was inspired by a line in Stephen Crane's 'The Red Badge of Courage', where he describes the War as a machine that spits out dead men. That got my sick mind thinking, and this is the product of the thought. It's mostly a 'dark future' sort of story that takes place in a Factory, and focuses on a Worker named Mi'an who is fascinated/sickened by the War Machine, an actual Machine that men enter in hopes of being a hero, then fall out dead ten seconds later. It's not technically an anti-war story, but someone could take it that way I guess. It really isn't any sort of political thing...There is a point I'm trying to get across however, and if one reads the entire story, one will probably see it. (I hope it isn't too violent for Elfwood.)

Furries Chronicle

richard laws

This is an experiment for me, I'll be honest. I don't tend to write stuff like this, but it has really caught my imaginataion. This is the story of several anthromorphic characters in a magic-heavy environment. I don't want to give to much away, but it has several threads that I hope to draw together. I don't have an overall plan for how this is going to end, or happen, just what I feel like whan I'm writing. If you have any suggestions about the plot, do mention them, they will be appriciated. Again, any feedback on HOW to write is always appriciated. If any part of this offends, please do contact me and I will endevour to explain myself.

Poetry - Metal Earth

Josh Tranter

An assassin brings down a machine, intent on destroying the work of Mother Nature.

The Machine


This is a rather gloomy piece. It is an attempt to describe emotions, rather than the situation itself. It was inspiered by a dream I had. The English did not turn out to be super, since I wrote it first in Swedish and then translated it. I'll work on that.

The Final Unicorn

Simon Pettersson

Well, I hope this one speaks for itself. I won't explain the symbolism, 'cause if you don't get it, it's not my fault. So there.

The Dangerous Encounters of Time Travel

Jan Inge Nygård

This is a story made by me! I did it at an exam lately, and recieved the best grade for it; a 6!! Here in Norway 6 is the best grade and 1 is the lowest, just so you know! Sorry about the weird signs... It couldnt be "translated" well enough. This sign (’) was actually '. And these signs: “ and â€ï¿½ were meant to be two of these: ". I hope you enjoy the story... Feel free to comment the story! ;)

In a Rustwreck

Lance Greenlee

He left the security of the Abbey for a life with the streetlings, and as long as none of the crew knew where he had come from, he could stay with them. 

Prologue - 'Untitled'

Charles Willett

This is an unfinished prologue to the comic strip or anime video, still unsure of what I'm going to do with it and what the title is going to be and still in production of it. Most likely going to be a comic strip. It's about AI attempting to exterminate humans on Earth and the humans escape to the moon to rebuild civilization. Some of the humans get left behind and build underground civilizations based upon old magical beliefs, some humans are mutated by a virus released by the AI, some humans escape to the moon and rely on technological advances to survive all the while encountering new alien races.

The Time Machine We Stole

Benjamin Anthony Ickler

 A poem about stealing a time machine.

The Unfortunate Case of Mr. Duos

D. Villanueva

Two detectives and a deputy try to solve a mysterious death

The Experience Machine

Gabs Béland

Its a simple idea really...I don't really remember when I started thinking of this subject...probably sometime during my philosophy class last year in it is.


Peter Bellisario

A poem about facist rebellion.