Chapter 2: In the Forest

Laura Jennings

A priest of the forest realizes an ancient power has been ressurected ...

Chapter 3: Lucky to Be Here

Laura Jennings

A defiant dancer desires past freedoms ...


Booj PillowGoblin

This was a perversion of a writing my gran has on her wall. Boy howdy if she ever read this. O well. Sorry or the blasphemey. Squee.

The Story of the Sun

Heather Nicholson

not my best work, but here we have a futuristic piece that was to origionally be the story behind a short I was working on. note: the '____' is where the name of a large city should be. I didn't want to be like everyone else & their dog & blow up Moscow so it's temporarly blank.

The Weight of the World on My Shoulders

Kat McGrath

Well, I've been playing around with a few characters for a bit and I ended up throwing them all into one big jumble of a story. Basic plot : group of strangers must save the world from a mad-man. *nods* Good sterotype. *nods again*

Mercury III: part four


A few important notes about this part: 'Tempson shield' is a made up term inspired by real-life Faraday shields, which are too complicated to explain, Google it if you really wanna know. As there doesn't seem to be an 'official' term for a group of dragons (there are all sorts of variations), I, THE ANGLER HAVE DECREED that in all stories hereafter (all of mine, anyway) they shall be known as 'a scream of dragons'. Hell yeah. ^^ Also, I had to answer the mystery of the mist, for purposes of not having an ending that sucked (although that still remains to be seen...) Sooorry! It was unavoidable! Don't hurt me, Panu!! *runs away*

The Open Gate

Brian Buckley

'The Open Gate' is the longest short story I've ever written. I wrote it as an entry in the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest ( I don't really think it'll win, but hey, you never know, right? Anyway, although it's quite long, I consider this the best piece of prose I have ever written.

Cherry Trees

Kiki Smith

A story of adventure in a mystical land

Time Machine

Anja Francina

Dr. Gerwin, finds himself trapped in the Medievil castle od lady Silvane.

Chapter 1: A Key in the Mines

Laura Jennings

Young Nicodemus finds a mysterious object of power ...

1 10ve y0u

Alex Cupo

I thought of writting a sci-fi story, and this is what came out

Metal Ages

Che Joseph Monro

Chronicles of the Mechanic

The Bronze Key: Prelude

Laura Jennings

This tells the story of the Atom War, which nearly destroyed the world of Lustra 2000 years ago.

Chapter 6: The Master of Pain

Laura Jennings

A strange cruelty plays out in the exotic mechanical city of Syne ...

Chapter 4: The Stranger

Laura Jennings

Nick is saved by more then one mysterious benefactor ...

Sytry: Chapter 1: Jasper

Nicole Simoens

the beginning of a very long journey for Zeth who is currently trying to become a Madia, an elite unit of a military program that was influenced by the technology the L.O.P.S (laboratories of psychic sciences) company provided. though he came to the base at Mount Fort so he could eventually take the program down from the inside out, he finds things are becoming too difficult and strange to deal with…

Portrait of the Eternal Future

Amanda McCallister

This story inspired an upcoming project called 'The Omega Project' which will feature my own electronic music and story that will combine to take the reader/listener into a whole new world of the future.

Chapter 5: A Journey Begins

Laura Jennings

Two strangers find a hero and a friend in one another.