Personalities 2: Insanity Unleashed

Holly Becker

Reva hears voices that aren't just voices; they're actual people, alternate personalities. Unlike most others with her ability, however, all of her personalities are evil. What do you do when you can't control youself?


Jenny Bell

story about a girl who steals souls for what she believes is the will of the gods

A squirrels luck(The Gate I)

Robert Anderson

a bad day for a white squirrel

Poem: Mad Merlin

AC Bamblett

They say that King Arthur's Merlin went mad for a time and disappeared into the hills... This is a medium-length poem inspired by Stephen R. Lawhead's 'Merlin'.

The Wooing of Urielle

Becky Gerdel

About my character Ghost Angels parents. Edited somewhat for content.

Chapter Five

Jessica perry

Have you ever felt like you wanted to explode?

Fester, the rat man

Kenneth Newman

Just a short ditty I was working on for to test out the waters in marvel type, fantasy hero. If this works out, might continue on with the story


Jenny Bell

story about a girl who steals peoples souls for what she belives to be the will of the gods

Mirror Man

Mark Kramarzewski

Its almost a sequal of the voices poem, it has the same theme, I wrote them apart from each other, but this one I did in Maths, maybe I just wanted to escape my Teacher

The Story's Gone Mad

Jennifer Macvicar

i tried my hardest to apptemp a nice, serious story but it all went horribly wrong. look out for Karrah the tactless dragon in future short stories.


Tracey Hoard

just a poem that i wrote...while sitting in class, surrounded by a bunch of 'individuals' yeah... at least that is what they call themselves... and who am i to judge??? =)

StarDeck - Chapter One

Jérèmie Hautefaye

This is the first chapter of my story about the mad AI bent on Universal Domination

StarDeck - Prologue

Jérèmie Hautefaye

A Scifi about a mad AI. He is bent on Universal Domination


Mark Kramarzewski

This kinda came to me in the middle of the night, I'm not much of a poet, but something I was talking about with someone just clicked and all this came rushing out, I had to grab a pen quick, tell me if you like, or if you don't like.

I win, Yahoo

James Healy

A poem I wrote several years ago about a villian. Each Stanza is a new attempt at world conquest.

Chapter 5 : In Which Animals Freak Out

Blythe Kinderknecht

I'm hopeless... I REALLY need a life. Anyone know where i can downlaod one? No? Oh well...

Journal of Jack Harvester

Rick Welsh

This is a background I did for my first character in the new edition of D&D. It's written from his perspective, and goes from March to December (only about 7 pages).


Shaina Couch

Ok... I'm not really sure where I got the inspiration to this poem. I think I had finished reading a book or watching a movie and I was... inspired  *-* (sparkle sparkle) Haha. Hope you like.

The Legend Of Shadow Step-Chapter 8

rory braconnier

chapter 8

A Happy Medium

Amanda Johnson

In a land of the pure eccentricity and creativeness of the human mind, a writer finds themself in the middle of a conflict between two common character minds