For King and Country - Chapter 2

Andreas Fog-Morrissette

The second chapter were the plans of the evil Gardtians are set into motion, and the Alliance Citadel Gardeth Noreth is attacked by the Vicious Nrayeth - Half-dead soldiers of Vornengardt.

Blood Lily

addrie dannei

A Poem I Wrote in High School to Describe how Society was Making me Feel.

The Sword Made of Bone

V.K Alfieri

This is a parody (of sorts) of the Sword In the Stone. Starring Sir Trevor, Brave Knight of The Square Bar Stool, 'The Mighty and Brave Knight Who Done Great Deeds And Stuff...'

Star Warriors

Richard Clayton

A pair of competion Swordsmen run into the unexpected, and are up to the challenge

Through the Looking Glass

Suzannah Carrick

A (kind of) parody of the real version.