Piriah Chapter 10: Nalche Wakes Up

Dana Caldwell

The next chapter in the Piriah saga. Still not a named story, but developing nicely. Here, Nalche is waking up from the cyclone storm she created and discovering a new life.

Piriah Chapter 5: Nat tells Polintaer about Nalche

Dana Caldwell

Here's where the story really gets going, and it's something of a whirlwind for poor Nalche from here. Nat spills the beans about Nalche to Polintaer, and he, of course, takes it in stride. Right before he takes a little walk of his own.

Piriah Chapter 9: Nalche Loses Control

Dana Caldwell

Well, we all knew it was going to happen if that girl didn't get some proper training. She heads out in a snit and gets herself in trouble. Good thing there's a mysterious mage there to help her out.

Shadow of the Phoenix: Introduction (Rain)

David Hendershot

This is the introduction to a story I started long ago. I have a little more done, but there will need to be a lot more editing before I create another chapter.

The Tale of Lady Guinevere

Delia Seilly

A while ago I sat down and was about to write some of another story, something else came instead. I liked it, posted it in my lj and decided to start the story from the beginning. This is the prologue of that story. This is the first draft, you *will* find errors, point them out and I'll fix them or at least try too ;) Made Mod's Choice September 5th, 2004 Update 7/11/04: Sorry this took so long, folks, but here is the edited copy. I'm working on the next chapter, it's slowly coming together.

Control is Lost

Emily Faerber

A story I wrote for Creative Writing (love that class). This is undoubtedly the only type of homework I enjoy doing. Mod's Choice 9/21/03 ^_^

Umbra - Chapter 3 (approx. 10 pages)

Ute Fuerst

A new student to magic Umbra will find some surprises here, good and bad. Second personal revision. Suggestions, ideas, spottet mistakes always welcome. ;) (revised 07/2004)

The Seven 6

Kathryn Gromowski

Who wants a character list? It's 114 names, but probably only about...75 are in the story right now. If I get enough people asking for it, I'll pop it up on my website somewhere, with a complimentary link. Anywho, this is just more travelling fun and whatnot. Some interesting stuff, but most of it's just giving me something to do next chapter. Lots of building in this chapter, not a whole lot of intense stuff, but you do get the chance to meet Epperron and Sur'da'dun. Aracil and Palua are coming...soon, I hope, and Hasharia...well, that you have to wait for until book (yes, BOOK) 5. Wish me luck! Uploaded: 12/11/05

The Seven 3

Kathryn Gromowski

Alright, guys, it's finally here! All bright and shiny and new. I finally did a map for it. Anyways, I came off a 3 month dry-spell a couple weeks ago, and this was written in about 5 nights. It's about 7-8 hours of actual typing, and probably about 2 more of thinking while I couldn't sleep at night/was bored in class. Sooooo, see the other 2 for more info, and I hope you like it!v (Woot! They all have teachers! And...all but one have familiars! And...most of them are going where they're going to train! I feel special!!!) Update, 12/28/03: Yea, it's not quite so brand spanking new anymore, but it's all shiny and edited and such!

The War of Arcane Might

Joe Arenal

This is story two of my saga that explains how the vilain came to power.

Elementals - 3 - Chapter 1

Jessica Seefried

This is the first Chapter in the Elementals. It shows a glimps at the original ten Elementals and how they discovered themselves, and found the Merlin.

The Path of Magic

Craig von Dull

This actually is my novel that I'm writing. It is a midieval tale about six children who are inadvertently pulled into a war that will have more to do with them than they realize.

Empathy Part 5

Alia Jory

Rial and Kynthia hop over the cliffhanger, cover some distance, and (finally) actually access those textbooks they risked their lives for. This is all I have right now, and as my sis has been bugging me to re-finish my main story, it'll probably stay this way for a while. Unless I get overwhelming numbers of comments...?

Empathy Part 3

Alia Jory

LOTS of fireworks, and Rial and Kynthia acquire something along the lines of textbooks.

Death of a Statistic

Kelsie Elizabeth

Free form poem, another random inspiration. And the breaks in the lines; I can't really explain those. I'm sure the formatting is horrible, but somehow, it seems to fit. This shows your typical mage battle...from the point of view of the expendable foot soldier. December 2002 1/2 pg

Rebellion Part 04

Lara 'Qui' Krauss

Luci learns more of a history about the world that surrounds her.

Meet the Amazons, IX

Katherine Burt

Is anyone else impressed with Diana? If you're not yet... You will be. She's my kind of princess. But wait, there's more...

Meet the Amazons, X

Katherine Burt

Meet the Amazons is coming to a close, with just one more chapter after this. Never fear, another story with the Amazons will be hot on its heels. Hopefully. Here we have a heroic captain, a bunch of damsels in distress, and much more to contend with.

Darkness cease

Alice Raven

This is a trade story with Charlotte E. Witsenburg, a stunning artist. Her half of the trade, Ifaer who is gorgeous ^^ I did a story based on the three other tattooed people in her gallery, and came up with this. I hope you like. Please be constructive, but not harsh, because dark though this is, I found it fun to write and I like the setting. The only thing I am not sure about is the relationship between Erion and Adara, not sure if I portrayed that well. Well, enjoy, if you can ^~ Warning: mild language and violence.

Dragon Sapphire - chapter 3

Sarah Sinclair

The third chapter of Dragon Sapphire. Finally, the little rabbit awakens, and gets a name. Zak continues his journey to the tower, but not before a little bit of comic relief between the trio.