Untitled - Chapter 1

Michelle Morone

This story isn't finished yet and it's very short. Reading it is the intro.

Maze of Bodies

Cherie Duarte

This story is basically about a maze of bodies that an elf girl, a human boy and his classmates encounter. They travel through the maze, each group separated, and come to certin fates.

A Beginning...

Clayton McFarland

Just a piece that I was working on, and probobly won't get finished. It is only here because I needed to have one piece ready to finish signing up. More will be ready soon, and if it's liked, I may finsh this one. You never know.

The Black Diamond

Christopher Watkins

Queen Morion is captivated by a powerful, magical gem. With it, she can do just about anything. Without it, she meets the brink of insanity.

The Mage's Blade

Keith Clancy

A young apprentice rises early in the morning, eager to test his skills...

Feathers in the Twilight: Part One

Keith Clancy

This is the beginning of a long story I have been writing for the past couple months. There are a bit of typos, and the dialouge is still a little rough, but I'm still quite proud of it. *Edit* I made changed the title, although I'm still not quite satisfied with it. *Edit*


Elizabeth Cordes

This is an excerpt from a novel that my friend and I were attempting to write. It's about a general who gets flung back in time to gather the scattered shards of the light crystal, which balances magic with the dark crystal. Anyway, I don't think it'll ever get finished. Sorry if most of my works here are unfinished. I know, it disappoints me, too. hehe ~_^ And sorry if it's a bit long; didn't want to split it into two separate things.

An Unexpected Reward

Chelsa Dagley

A man who spent his entire life seeking a treasure, receives instead something completely unexpected.

The Man's Best Friend

Janelle Whitehead

This is a small chapter in the life of 15-year-old Daniel, a wizard on his dad's side (unbeknowngst to his mother) and crush-ee of a 12-year old red-head.

Chapter 1: Simon's First Adventure

Daniel Cyr

This is gonna be the first chapter of my first book: Simon's First Adventure. Now I KNOW it sounds a bit like a kids book, with that title, but it's all I could think of. Anyway, this was actually all roleplayed, but I just added a bit of flavour, to add to the story. Otherwise it'd be cheesy. Enjoy!!

Lugh -- Chapter 2

P. Andrey

This is the second chapter to the book that I am attempting to write. I am not totally happy with this one and right now I believe that it will get rewritten a couple of times.

The Epic of Motnekero Chapter III, The Battle of Pig's Valley

Matthew Deagle

...I know that I'm not supposed to begin with the third chapter, but I'm not satisfied at all with the first and second at the moment, so here it is... I'm not satisfied with this either (I'm sure I could put a little more effort into it) but I'd enjoy some criticism, so criticise! Angelstorm


Dalyn Walton

What begins as an otherwise ordinary week of school ends up being much more deadly than anyone would have expected

Piriah Chapter 9: Nalche Loses Control

Dana Caldwell

Well, we all knew it was going to happen if that girl didn't get some proper training. She heads out in a snit and gets herself in trouble. Good thing there's a mysterious mage there to help her out.

Friendship Lost

Daniel Lix

Daniel Ranevier was an excellent SWAT officer in San Fransisco of 2003. That is, until he went back through an experimental transdimensional device to pursue a test subject and wound up in an alternate world. Now, after having found a niche for himself in this strange place, he must quest for a magical artifact to save a friend.

The Good Guys Don't Always Win. (Fantasy Story)

Daron MacQueen

Short story written for class. First story in grade 9. Almost perfect marks. Do you think I deserved it? The mage is based off a friend of mine's role play character. Rahlaer. The description of Kadessa is put up as well. It was only supposed to be a short story.. So I didn't get much of a chance to tell what she looks like. And so I love her description.


Delyth Williams

The elf relaying this tale is the same elf in the Haiku; she's rescuing a wizard whee

Inner Beast - The Legend of the Destroyer

Derrick Brinkmeier

A warrior's quest to avenge his family and reclaim peace in the land.

Story of Blood 1

Katie Williams

This is a non unicorn story! Oh the horror. I wrote it over the olidays, but its not finished. As it is quite long already I thought I'd better post this part. Look out for more...

Shadow of the Phoenix: Introduction (Rain)

David Hendershot

This is the introduction to a story I started long ago. I have a little more done, but there will need to be a lot more editing before I create another chapter.