Elena Oorebeek

'The Waning'...Aiya, I've got to get off this gloomy elf kick. This is the third or fourth poem I've written about elves, and they're all depressing...I seriously have to write a poem that's more upbeat, just generally.

Sapphire Eyes Part Two: Kye

Athene Grele

There's not much action in this chapter, but it's important none the less. Very important. You don't know how important until much further into the story, though. Kye's name means 'color' in the language I'm inventing. I have nothing more to say. Except that it's hard to describe someone going into shock (at least, I found it hard).

Mortal Elf Song

Mandi Embree

I tried my hand at a bit of poetry about an elven male and a mortal maiden...i'm not sure if it makes sense, but i kind of like it. ^_^

In Sickness and in Health

Linda Lindqvist

Short little story about the halfway happy Ranger duo(that's their official designation now heh) which deals with their experience with inkeepers, barmaids, and Healers. Written in the span of four and a half hours in summer school, and I only recently got around to revising and HTMLizing it. Kinda sad. Ah well. Read and comment, as always.

The Ballad of Fair Rachael

Jessica Cannon

You ever heard the saying 'I had to laugh otherwise I would cry?' Well, this tells how the evil Billy tried to pinch us workers of our Anzac day holiday! *Gasp!* I was so amused by what actually happened, that I imagined a far away world of magic and beasts half man - half goat (billy, billy-goat, get it?) and imagined myself on that strange soil. Of course, in that strange soil I would have blasted the all heck out of everyone with a fireball by now but ah, well. Inspired by reading the saga lesson of Cohen the Barbarian with his Bard, and by watching Clueless, too. Not to be taken seriously! Yeah, B-man, I clicked Orc because I didn't know what else to classify the beast I made you! Take that!


Leigh Erickson

This idea has been with me a long time but I never had the means to write it... so I was reading some Poe the other day and suddenly the idea struck... borrow The Raven's meter!! So I did (it's fun! you should try it!) and this is what happened... For Trish for 1250 i believe^_~

The Alternate Epilogue

Lor Steward

Isaac again, this time with Ray, an ending I was playing with for the novel. Drabble, copyright to me, thanks.

Aranieth Tiorliel

Matthew Wainwright

Ah ... love ... Tiorliel was the daughter of Timbreth, who ruled in the realm of Niremar. She fell in love with Maedror (yes, the son of Rinaeth who we saw as a ghost in an earlier poem - but his is another, much longer story!), but when he left Niremar (for reasons which are there but not listed here just yet) she went after him. The Aldenad translation at the end is one of the first I did, and is not quite grammatically correct in all respects. But no-one's perfect.

Princess Sapphire and the Dragon

Rachel Lamine

A perfect Princess is busy being perfect when, oh horror of horrors, she is attacked by a Dragon.

Wolf and Maid

Emily Hofmeister

One of my attempts to write up a sonnet.

The Elven Maid

Nim White

Based on a very old ballad, probably at least 500 years old, the tune of which is still heard, but only, alas, to accompany a bawdy song.

The Maiden's Knight_early01

Chelsea Castonguay

A new story about Robin Hood and Maid Marian as young people growing up. It is not really how Robin and Marian met, but then it wouldn't be an original story if it was, now would it? This story is to be written in diary form, and these are the entries from early May. More to come.

~ Beadu Oaken ~

J. Coates

This poem sprang from the name. I collect names and am creating my own name book. I found this name; Beadu = warrior maid - Germany And immediately thought of the word oaken, which her shield would be made of, a legendary item, so she would be dubed with that last name. I hope to delve into her story more.

Enslavement: Prologue

Abigail Oakley

This was inspired by something from Elfwood I can't remember what at the moment.. Um it's not what you'd expect? Hopefully part of a larger story? If I ever get around to finishing it? Winter, 2001

I am a knight

Sidi Haroun

This is a poem about a valient knight of merry olf england who defeats a giant.

To Wake In A Prophecy. Chapter 2: A Journey Begins.


This is Chapter 2 of my story, (i seem to be pointing out the obvious alot) anyway, enjoy.

Ingeborg: A Stav Magi story

Areidra-Emma Gabourie

a little stav magi story that I wrote last year for an assignment. I seem to have this curse where I write bits and pieces of a novel and never actually put it together....^_^

The Quill (Part 2)

Julia Gilstein

The story continues. *grins* And the plot thickens...

Heir - Chapter Three: Beauty Itself

Teagen May

The Ball is to begin within the hour, but what horrors will await the new High Maid? After three years of sickness, the Princess of Marwane finally re-appears.


Tina Walls

A young dairy maid named Perrin lives her every day life caring for her family with no hopes for excitement. That is until the day she finds herself smack in the middle of a battle for an ancient wonder. - This is just the beginning of the story. Perrin will end up in a race for the capital against an army, but this is as far as I've gotten. Just thought I'd share it as I don't have anything else new. Hopefully it passes the fantasy test now, or at least it should if the Mod reads more than just a few paragraphs. The mention of magic is subtle in this one. - Uploaded May 4th, 2006 - This story is an extreme rough draft. It has not been edited or reviewed. This is just how it came out first time sitting down to write it.