Dance ~poem~

Erica Martin

Okay, I guess you have read enough to realize that I normally write about the character being lonely, but this poem is kinda from the other side, what it is like to be the dead one.


Chris the Bishonen!' Stanley

A young slave boy meets his new master. No, not a lemon, but it is yaoi. Unfinished.

Small things

Amber Whitney

This is something that I came up with, and.. well, read the story, tell me what you think about it. Theres lots more coming, I intend to keep it a moving structure story. You may not be able to see the real motivation of their wanderings for a little while...

Demon War - Chapter Six

Judith Mayr

Well, they arrived in Northa. Time to meet the High Council.....

Sheltered (far from finished hope it to be a novel)

Jill O Connell

this is something i wrote quite recentyl (listening to eternal from evanescance and final fantasy music specifically 7)anyway hope to turn this into a novel I love my main characters name i was bored and came up with it ages ago!love the setting to mostly inspired by final fantasy 7 and reading marvel esk mang and comics  hope you like!

My Goddess

Chelsea Castonguay

A poem about a drow male who is slowly dying while his female, who was enslaved to him for centures (yes, a very strange occurance) considers the situation.


Emilie Katter

This one was Soooo much fun to write ^.^ I've always wanted to know what it felt like to fly


Nicole Walters

I'm lost. I've been lost for a long time. I had so much to live for, before... A short story, written by a vampire (male or female) about how they came to be a vampire and their feelings.

Prelude- Samantha's Kiss (Awakening)

Kelly Hoopert

Samantha's beginning steps to becoming a vampire.

The Beginning

Anna Pillow

A young knight begins his quest to find a sword hidden n the dark elf city.

Coming of Age-Parts1&2

Jane Richer

Short story although I am toying around with making it, part of a world I am calling Dastan. On this world is a place, the tangerian wastes, devoid of people and two clans are present there the Meri and the Feri. These clans of cat-like creatures are ancient enemies but neither remember why and still attack each other. Female Meri steal young males from the Feri clan and mate with them  and lord over the captive males. Many tales are told by the Feri as a way of teaching young to protect themselves and to kill any Meri that approaches. This is what Atalan has been taught, yet he still is surprised to see one; a female, let alone have her challenge him!

Pair Bonded Dragons' Lament (and Delight!)

Paul Doyle

Two dragons from forthcoming novel sequence are content, but bored. Having been bonded for 500 years, these mates-for-life are starting to experience some relationship doldrums. But then they have a little adventure together, while their children are being tutored by the clan elders . . .

Into Valls' Past

Travis Newcomb 'Wolfga'

This is a journy about a group of characters that must defeat a Wendel. It's the beginning of a series of stories, so this is still an 'in progress' type of work.

Sweet Dreams

Kazz Leer

A man is haunted by a demonic little girl who through fear leads him to a tragic... accident....

Protectors part one

Lydia Fleming

*shrugs* read a few parts and help me out with the tenses please. I am quite aware that they shift all over the place, but can't figure out how to fix it. :-) This is actually an update... but if you have any more suggestions definetly let me know.

Caria's Painting

Hannah-Beth Carter

I actually wrote this as an 'example roleplay' piece for a supernatural-themed board. As I wrote, it turned into this short story (and as it happens, I was also accepted). Modern vampires are a perennial favourite of mine.


Cathrine Nelson

a short start to a story i will expand.

The Iridi: Timeless Existence Chapter 2

Nancy Huang

A long time ago, Lorr promised to include some of Narin's words when he finally wrote down a documentary of their lives. But that was when both were well and alive. His words are part of what remains.

Gentle Night - Two

Briar-rose Wood

Chapter two 'Dark as Nightmears' introducing the friction and the other main character.

The City of Darkness

Chelsea Castonguay

Based off of a wiki at Elftown, this is a story about two Drow who are brought together (much to the female's dislike) in a destroyed City they wish to remake as their own.