Nightblades: The Shake-down

Charles Clay

So here we have the further adventures of our friend Dreg Thomson, and his second-in-command Jada. As I have told some of my test readers, Dreg is not a particularly admirable man, nor are the Nighblades an organization I would like to have operating in my city. However, they will all be important later on, so you'd better just learn to put up with them.

Mood Sketch

Kelly Kruse

This is a test writing for one of the books in my series. It comes from book seven, 'The Ghosts of Nahor'. It was done for a creative writing class, and was done completely to convey mood.

Ed & El: Prodigal

Charles Clay

Another story about Edmund and Elora. I don't really know what you people want me to say. Read, enjoy, comment, rinse, repeat. Oh, and before somebody calls me on this, the title is not 'Prodigal' because Edmund is going away with the intention to return one day. That is not the definition of the word. The title comes from the fact that he, like the son in the parable, is taking and spending his inheritance in a short period of time. Prodigal. Look it up, and keep the English language coherent. Because The More You Know, the Less You Sound Like a Jackass (TM)

Chapter 3

Emma Wright

if you've read the last two chapters you know the characters now here's the story so you know whats likely to happen...

Snow Lovers

Maria Elmindreda L

Love, ghosts, and a lot of beautiful snow.

Book I: The Gathering (ch. 1)

Jade Bailey

the first chapter of the first book of ravenspeed, set 16 years after the windstorm (which should be read first if you want to make any sense of this). this introduces one of the main characters, morgan (original name, eh? :P), and features some nasty icky bloody stuff. and a chap called matthew, being a bastard. i'm rather proud of some of the description in it, although i admit the dialogue might seem a bit stiff in places...

Mourning Mist

Marie Thorsen

This story was written with the drawing of a picture. This, I am sure, makes no sense, but they are part of the same, one has given inspiration to the other. The picture was created by Anssi Inkinen who has given his full consent to the posting of his work here. NB: Since I cannot figure out how to upload the image, I will gladly mail it to anyone interested.

it's moose lord's galaxy, we just live in it

Natalie Beckwith, the ungotten

the whore of an evil dark lord gets a chace to see new worlkd and become something more

The Cost of A Memory

Anna Christenson

It's about a manor ghost who is thinking back on her life and why she has stayed in this world.

Toys - Scene One

Marianne Cassidy

A play. I woke up one morning after a very strange series of dreams, and sat down and worked on the first two scenes of this play for six hours straight, without eating. Needless to say, I felt slightly sick after that. I was also sick of looking at the damn thing. It was supposed to be scary, like the dreams. But by the time I was immersed in MS Word, the essence of what had made those dreams so frightening was almost gone. And until I get a few friends to attack it with their critical eyes, I dare not edit it beyond basic spelling mistakes. And so I give you: TOYS A horribly unedited play.

Essence of the Moon

Mai Zhang

In which there a rather nice ending.

Nightblades: The Shake-up

Charles Clay

This is not the entire Nightblades roster, by any means. However, most of the officers (and the interesting characters) appear in this story. Expect much more character development in the next installment. For now, enjoy the mindless action-fest. A quick note on the illustration: when I first came up with the idea for Dunstan, I told it to my roommate, Lucas. He thought it was cool, and whipped the picture up in about fifteen minutes. I asked if I could use it in my story, and he agreed, but said that it would take more time and effort than he was willing to spare to render clothes and hair. He is, of course, susceptable to bribery, but I'm fresh out of maple brown sugar pop tarts. Coin of the realm when you're living in a dorm, boys and girls. Anyway, I submit that the scene pictured is from when Plama and Dunstan first became partners and she, in a fit of youthful high spirits, shaved his head while he was sleeping and also stole the kilt he generally wears. And that's how we get a bald, naked half-elemental stalking the streets, searching for vengeance and a large pair of trousers.

The Neverless Empires- Chapter 2

Sarah Hagen

Selene came upon the motionless lake then, some of its lost beauty resurrected in the natural shadows of the night, and stopped for as long as she dared to stare into its deep reflections...

The Maiden's Knight_early01

Chelsea Castonguay

A new story about Robin Hood and Maid Marian as young people growing up. It is not really how Robin and Marian met, but then it wouldn't be an original story if it was, now would it? This story is to be written in diary form, and these are the entries from early May. More to come.

The Mage of Blackwood Hall, Ch. 2

Lucy Johannssen

Christopher accepts a lucrative assignment against his better judgement. (See Encyclopaedia for descriptions and translations)

Fleu du Elgoria Part II: Prologue

Jon Bretwalda Malek

It is my one goal as a writer to be able to express my thoughts and feelings that are so vivid and powerful to me so that whoever may read it can experience it first hand themselves. Through the course of writing this novel, which has so far run the course of five years, I have grown close to my characters, for to me they are indeed real. I have felt their pains and have grasped their ideals and have tried to write them legibly on paper. I shamelessly admit that I got tears in my eyes when I wrote this - and still do today - so much joy and impact (to me at least) does it contain. Being the author of this book I am in a sense a medium between this world and that of the one in my story. And being the author I know just how important the major event of this Prologue is to Tashab. Because of the emotion involved in it for me, it is my favourite piece, or chapter, I've ever written. If I accomplish anything it is to imbue to the reader this feeling of joy, for indeed for Tashab the word 'joy' does little to express her feelings. Needless to say, this following Prologue, the introduction to the second part of my story, is the most elated scene in the story so far to me. My ultimate goal is that it is for you too.

Chapter Three: Rin

 Wow, sometimes you really get what you ask for--and then some! And what's with Captain Rassero, anyhow? Cadetship in the NA is definitely not going to be easy...   For updates on publication and distribution, please visit:  UPDATE: ~This book is now up for sale in its entirety at All comments are welcome...  Especially the good kind.  :)  Happy Reading! Latest revision: 12/12/11  

The Terror of Mournside Manor - Chapter 1: The Storm Breaks

Paul Tunaley

An unusual story of of Cross Planar Vengeance introducing a new kind of investigator...

Nightblades: The Backlash

Charles Clay

This, dear readers, is the reason there has not been an update in weeks. You see, this story is somewhat vital to the narrative flow--and, admittedly, I felt a strong need to either write a story involving my other characters or rename this site the Edmund and Elora Happy Fun Time Variety Hour--but for some reason, it was impossible to write. I've rewritten in from start to finish no less than four times, and truth be told, I'm still not actually happy with it. I don't know why. In any case, here you have it. Criticism is extraordinarily welcome.

Kit's Tale

Nancy Miller

This particular story I've been working on, on and off, for going on five years now. Which means that the storylline is kind of...young as I wrote the beggining in 7th grade. So anyway, please enjoy chapter one. As usual, constructive comments are welcome.